Our Attitude Needs Change Essay

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English language is a universal language that have been used by others globally. In this new era of globalisation, we know that most of our daily life needs us to speak in English impurposely. In order to master the language, it needs much more effort towards enhancing the usage of the language. We know that in Malaysia, the English language is not the mother tounge of most citizen. We are more comfortable with our own mother tounge which is Bahasa Melayu or other dialects as well. The English language maybe is the second or third main language that is commanly used in Malaysia. As we know, the habits of using English as a common daily language have been taught ...view middle of the document...

Based on one of the friends’ experience, she told me that, by listening to one of the Weslife’s song, entitled “Season In The Sun” for the first time, and she had fall in love with the song very much. With a big heart to learn English, she continuously googling, searching and listening to many more English songs. Now, as a result she is able to communicate in English confidently and without any fears of doing wrong.
The second tips is by practising English with the family members, friends and colleagues. To be a good English communicator, we must put the embarrasment in speaking English to the lowest level. So that, we can practising it all day long. We always hear that “practice make perfect”. We agree with the idioms so much. By keep practising, correcting and trying to speak in better English, this will helps in improving and adding much more vocabulary to be used in communication.
Some other years ago, this topic was also become a bone of contention between publics and some other individuals that were very fanatic towards language. As for instance, in the educational line. Few years ago, around 2003, the implementation of teaching Science and Mathemathics in English or PPSMI become a hot issues among society. In one side, they were agreed that by teaching Science and Mathematics in English, this will help students to master the language very well. The relevance of the point was that most of the terms or phrases in Science and Mathematics are in English. So that, for the long terms effect, the pupils will get used to the terms very well and this can helps in avoiding misunderstanding or...

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