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Our Big Group In Small Places

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I was so embarrassed! It was the same thing every summer when we went on our family vacation. So, I knew exactly why they were all staring. Who wouldn't laugh and stare as our ancient, rusty, blue and white striped, 15-passenger van that looked like it was about to fall apart, with our huge camper hooked to the back, drove by? With bike racks holding several bikes each, hooked to both the front of the van and back of the camper, and different colored and designed blankets hanging in every window, except the front two, to block the glare from the sun on the TV screen, they couldn't help but point. Then, if they were lucky, they'd get a glimpse inside, of the wooden stand my dad had put ...view middle of the document...

With all of these sources, new clothes were "unnecessary." But on the rare occasion we hadn't received one of the necessary items for me, and we had to go shopping for it, the local Deseret Industries, also known as D.I., was the one store we went to. To anyone else, shopping at D.I. was a joke, embarrassment, or punishment. But for me and my family, it was a treat!

It wasn't until Jr. High that I started to realize that D.I wasn't "cool" and I felt ashamed. But despite my please for new clothes, my mom wouldn't buy me any. That's when I began to count down the days until I'd receive my driver's license and be able to get new clothes without my mom having to drive me and be there. But when I finally did reach that point in my life, free t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, and flip flops were all I wanted to wear anymore. I've learned to just value clothes as clothes, and just be comfortable with who I am, and I can't even fathom spending more than twenty dollars on any article of clothing.

Also, by having nine siblings, I've learned to cherish the moments when I have one-on-one time with a person. In my family, it's not very often that I have great, personal conversations with my siblings, alone, especially the older ones as they grow up and move away. It's my favorite when we talk about life, like when I talk to my older sisters about boys, and they tell me about their high school boyfriends, and give me advice. The bad part about it though, is after I go on a date, have some story to tell, or just some exciting news to share, I have to tell it a billion times before everyone has heard.

But through this process, I've also had to hear about everyone else's lives. Thus helping me develop good listening skills, not only to use at home, but at school and among my friends as well. I also tell everyone about my life. Since I've already told nine people, what could it hurt to tell ten or twelve more? My life is basically like an open book that almost anyone is allowed to read.

One time in school, I heard a girl say, "In every church ward, there's that one family that has a bazillion kids and take up an entire pew by themselves,...

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