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Our Children And Adhd Essay

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ADHD also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition that is near to my heart. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6. We have struggled with this since day one. I have researched ADHD, the protocol for diagnosing ADHD, coping with ADHD and of course treatment methods for ADHD. It has came to my attention that ADHD is becoming diagnosed more frequently and that children are sometimes misdiagnosed with ADHD and subsequently treated for the condition and it may be unnecessary. ADHD is becoming common yet the diagnosing method is pretty vague and the medications for this ...view middle of the document...

There are also different subtypes of ADHD that we will discuss in detail later on. After being diagnosed with ADHD a treatment plan comes into play. A lot of doctors prescribe medications but there are other forms of treatment that may not come with all the side effects of medicine. We will also discuss medication treatments and other treatments methods. Another point to be made is Doctors currently have no knowledge of what causes ADHD.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD is on the rise in children these days. The article A.D.H.D diagnoses worry doctors, tell us that 11 percent of U.S. Children have been diagnosed with ADHD. It also states that boys are more likely to be diagnosed than girls and 1 in every 5 boys has been diagnosed with this. Doctors are becoming more and more alarmed at the number of increasing diagnoses and there are some that say it is because more people are finally recognizing ADHD and there are some that say our children are being misdiagnosed. This article also states that they want a better balance between the actual diagnosis and the way it is diagnosed, in hopes that children may not be being misdiagnosed. Being misdiagnosed can have an alarming factor as well, it can lead to abuse of the medications used to treat ADHD. These medications affect everyone different and a child will normally have to take several months worth of different medicines until they find one that fits them. However, if a child has been misdiagnosed this can be detrimental to the child. This is another factor that is alarming doctors.
Facts about ADHD can be found at This website provides a wealth of information concerning this disorder. It gives us signs and symptoms of the disorder and also gives us a list of treatments for ADHD and other resources to help us in diagnosing and treating this disorder. This website also gives us information on the method that diagnoses ADHD. There is not a special blood test or a needle poke that will tell us if our children have ADHD it is a process and can take some time. There is debate about treating ADHD with medications and this website is brief on that topic. It does however give us a lot of useful information for the children that have been diagnosed and it is helpful for parents that believe their child may have ADHD.
Another article Easing ADHD with meds touches on alternative ways to manage ADHD after diagnosis. Medication do not work for everyone and some do not want to medicate their children. This article is a great resource for giving ideas and alternative methods for the treatment of ADHD. It gives us recreational ideas and therapeutic ideas that can be helpful instead of using medication. These treatments may also be used with medications if needed. It informs us that lifestyle changes is a big factor in these types of treatments and in order to use these types you have to put the effort in on making changes. Parents, teachers,...

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