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Our Home Is The Safest Place On Earth. Discuss

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We all think of our our homes as the safest place to be, and they should rightly be so. However, there are many dangers of which we should be aware to ensure that our homes are indeed the safest place on earth.The kitchen is one of the more dangerous places at home. THere are dangers such as hot water and sharp objects like scissors and knives to look out for. We also have to be wary of open fires, especially when we cook. Accidents have been known to occur due to carelessness in ...view middle of the document...

This can lead to drowning, especially in households with young children. The bathroom is also usually wet, and thus slippery. In families with young children or elderly people, this can prove unsafe as they are quite capable of slipping anytime. Then there are the squatting toliets astill found in some old houses. People have been known to hurt themselves badly when they slipped and fell into the toliet bowls.Next is the issue of medicine. Families who are careless iwht the storage of medicine experience accidents at one time or another. unfinished or unused medicine should be kept properly and safely. They should also be labelled clearly to prevent them from being taken wrongly during emergencies. Often. young children mistake colourful pills for candies and sweets, thus resulting in tragedies.Electricity is another source of concern in many homes. Over-usage of multi-purpose plugs is common in many households. To cut cost, we often overuse multi-purpose plugs, thus endangering ourselves to possibilites of electrocution. Many of us also ignore warnings not to touch any switches when or hands are wet. Numerous accidents involving clectricity have occurred because of our carelessness.Thus, I say that our homes are only as safe we allow them to be. Our homes may be the safest place on earth or the most dangerous palce to be, all depending on how cautious we are.

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