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Out Of Business Essay

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Out of Business – R.K. Narayan

Rama Rao, the protagonist of this story inherited some money and he invested it to a gramophone company to become an agent of Malgudi. For five years his business was going well and he earned a lot of money that enabled him to live a decent and comfortable life with his wife and children. But things don’t turn as well as we do always expect. Suddenly a crash in the stock market brought his company to the verge of extinction. This news came to him like a bolt from the blue. Series of circumstances in the world of banking, trade, commerce, politics and the unexpected death of a Bombay financier has resulted in his financial disaster. Some doubted that ...view middle of the document...

He thought that he now could earn money by solving those crosswords. Since then he used to send the answers in hope of getting the first prize. He used to wait in anguish for the name of the right sender. But each time his hopes were shattered. “ Face is the index of ones heart” His frustration and disappointment was reflected in his face. He became fretful and picked up quarrel with his wife on a flimsy ground and trivial issues. As his wife was cool and composed, she tried to appease him by remaining silent.
Anyhow one day a special prize of 8000 rupees was announced. Another chance, another hope. Rama Rao tried to test his luck again. He insisted his wife on giving him Rs5 to send his answer by registered post. He decided to send four different entries as he was not sure at one part & there could be four variations. He was hoping against hope and was dreaming to built a castle in the air with the prize money. But the goddess of fortune was yet to smile on him and this time also his hopes were crumbled. He didn’t win the prize, but ‘Hope is a poor man’s bread”. So he decided that there was no reason to lead such a measurable existence and decided to commit suicide. He went to the rail tracks and lay there waiting for the train. But this time god appeared to rescue him. He waited and waited, but the train was yet to come. At last he was tired to lying there, he rose up and walked to the station. There he cam to know that a goods train has derailed and all scheduled trains would be late by three hours.
Then he decided to return home. His wife became anxious and impatient for Rama Rao’s inordinate delay. But she brightened up and sighed with relief at his sight. Then after taking a rest he sat down to eat. His wife informed him that the tenants came in the evening and asked weather he would sell his bungalow. They would offer good amount. He thought that it was an excellent idea and expressed his willingness if they paid four and a half thousand rupees. He would keep five hundred and give away the rest to his wife. At this his wife wanted to know if he would again invest his money on the crossword puzzles. Rama Rao felt depressed and calmly said no. Hw would go to Madras and look for a profitable job there to take them out of their misery.

The Boss came to Dinner – Bisham Sahni

The Boss came to dinner is a story full of fun and tragic note. Mr. Shamnath has invited his office boss to his house for dinner. He along with his wife cleaned and neatly arranged the household things. But the old ignorant mother was a problem. He wanted his mother to stay in a chair in the verandah and not to sleep or snore. When the guest would come to the verandah she would sleep into her room.
The dinner went on smoothly and the guests were happy and gay. At about ten-thirty the guests came to the verandah and saw the old woman sleeping on the chair, swaying her body this side and that and snoring. The female guests giggled at the sight...

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