Outline And Evaluate The Breakdown Of Relationships

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Outline and evalute the breakdown of relationships
A01- Duck skills maintenance
A02-Shavier, Rofhling
IDA- gender bias
PA- ccet - china
A01-rollie and duck -stages of breakdown
A02 - Tashiro and Frazier
A03- methological flaws
IDA - determinsitic

Duck suggested that relationships breakdown due to various of reasons, such as lack of skills. This means that people in the relationships have a lack of interpersonal skills to make eachother mutally satisfyimg, if a person lacks interpersonal skills or social skills have poor conversational skills and are bad at indicatomg they like a particular person it could lead the other partner to believe they are unintresting, unrewarding in ...view middle of the document...

However, despite the perception that long distance relationships are unlikely to last research by rohlfling suggests that they are more common than we think. One study found that 70% of students sampled had experinced at least one long distance relationship and 90% had experinced on long distance friendship. The reason for such increasing long distance relations may be down to the increasing mobile usage where we can keep in touch through technology. Therefore this disproves Duck and Shaviers theory that long distance relationships can not work and lead to breakdowns because in our society today lond distance relationships are becoming much more common.

Additionally there are significant gender differences which have not been taken into account when looking at the breakdown of a relationship. Bachauli asked undergraduates to rate various sexual and emotional reasons for men and women to be unfaithful in a committed relationship and found that participants judged sexual reasons for infedelity would be more likely used by men and emotional reasons to be more likely used by women. This shows women are more likely to stress unhappiness and uncompatiability for the reasons for a breakdown of a relationship whereas men tend to stress sexual dissatisfaction. This shows the model does not consider this therefore limits the theory due to generaliasation of men and women.

Due to Ducks theory, social skills have been found to be important to relationships, couples copying enchancement training (CCET) aims to increase respect and improve communication between partners. Gina et al found that couples who had CCET reported significant;y higher maritial satidfaction than the control group without CCET .This demonstrates the importance of social skills in relationships without Ducks research we would not know this.

Duck and rollie formed the process of a relationship breakdown. It begins with the breakdown where you have dissatisfaction within the relationship. the next stage is intapsychic processes this is the social withdrawel where you have resentment for your partner you brand your partners faults and look at the alternatives. Next comes the dyadic processes where anxiety behings, you reasses your goals and possibilities after that comes thhe spcoal processes upi go public, seek support from third parties. Grave...

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