Outline Of Syllabus For Unit 1 History

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IE History Unit 1

|Duration |theme |Topics |Learning outcomes |Teaching activities |Resource material |
|September 18-21, 2007 |introduction to CAPE history, |Establishment of class rules. |1.Students should recognize the importance |Teacher introduction.- outline of course |CAPE History Syllabus |
| |2. Indigenous societies. – an |1.Overview of syllabus & Assessments. |of ...view middle of the document...

Students should realize and acknowledge |Students will use multiple sources to |Poem: “There was an Indian” by John |
| | |portrayed in historical writings? |the demands of the course and in general |generate notes on the Maya under 3 |Squire |
| | | |the demands of post-secondary studies. |headings: |Cited in Allen, B. |
| | | |4.. Students should formulate and |Economic activities |Jamaica, A Junior History |
| | | |articulate expectations of themselves, |Social activities | |
| | | |their peers and their teacher in relation |Political activities | |
| | | |to this course. |This will be presented in class. |The People Who Came |
| | | |5. Students should review and reflect | |Bk. 1 |
| | | |on their own knowledge of indigenous |On-Line Multiple Intelligencies exercise | |
| | | |societies |will be administered. | |
| | | |6. Students should appreciate the impact | | |
| | | |of BIAS and PREJUDICE on historical |1. Students will be introduced to | ...

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