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Outline The Criteria Which May Be Used To Evaluate Different Selection Methods? How Might Companies Improve Their Selection Procedures?

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Recruitment and selection

Outline the criteria which may be used to evaluate different selection methods? How might companies improve their selection procedures?

According to Barber (1998) recruitment is the ‘’overall set of activities conducted by an organisation to attract and identify suitable applicants to fill vacant or anticipated job openings’’, whereas the selection process concerns the actual matching of an employee from the pool created by this recruitment process, to adequately fill vacant post; The overall goal being to improve and optimize overall business productivity through its workforce.

Therefore once the job analysis phase and person & job specification competencies are identified, the recruitment phase can begin. Here organisations face a dilemma about whether it’s useful to recruit internally or externally. ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, Schmitt & Chan (1998) argue that suitable candidates who perform to the expected standards minimizes the need for further recruitment and selection (R&S) costs, financial costs from poor hiring, litigation claims and other organisational costs.
Therefore Maund (2001) argues for systematic consideration and planning of human capital vis-à-vis corporate strategy and macro-environmental drivers at play in contemporary markets, alongside the use of rigorous selection methods high in content and criterion–related validity, reliability, utility, accuracy and is financially sound (McDonald 2010).

One approach which arguably meets this category would be Formal recruitment which has the potential to yield an extensive pool of qualified applicants, using an array of sourcing methods including traditional media, advertising, internet etc. and is particularly usefully in periods of labour shortages where suitable candidates are harder to come by (Cooper et al 2003).

However to avoid such a dismal outcome and improve employee retention, Sisson & Storey (2000) whose research findings coincides with the following measures - advocate using multiple sourcing techniques to make vacant roles more appealing to prospective applicants by highlighting any training, development and promotion prospects, competitive pay rates, developing equal opportunities policy and flexible work patterns etc. Nonetheless whilst formal recruitment provides some degree of accuracy and validity: via the use of multiple interviewers, rating scales, pre-set behavioural questions, structured interview (Schmitt & Chan 1998) - drastic additions to the traditional resume – interview- reference check criteria, there still exist the likelihood of inferior hiring.

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