Outline The Feminist View To Education In Socioety

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Outline and evaluate the feminist view on the role of education in society.

For over the past 30 years(approximately), the main focus of feminist educational research-gender inequality, has changed a great deal, however the main focus of the research has actually shifted to a degree, from examining why girls achieve less than boys in education to explaining how girls learn to deal with the range of disadvantages put into place within school.

Feminists view education as an active cause in secondary socialization, which then helps to forge patriarchy. There are a variety of different types of feminists, e.g. Liberal feminists, Marxists feminists, Radical feminists, Black feminists ...view middle of the document...

Sue Sharpe, a sociologist, conducted a study on girls in 1972. She researched girl’s expectations whilst at school. She found that girls were underachieving in science, computer studies, physics, economics and maths and boys were achieving at higher standards in these. Girls achieved higher in subjects like, English literature, home economics, social science and biology. At the time the study took place (1972) females were portrayed to be in the expressive roles and boys were labeled in to instrumental roles. (This still occurs in the present-day, e.g. ironing adverts, there’s a female child watching the mother iron, or washing powder adverts, there’s a male child with a filthy muddy shirt from playing football with there father.)

All this primary socialization had a huge impact as to why girls underachieved. In the 1990’s Sharpe decided to replicate her study and saw that there were many back ground changes in society and economy e.g. The Thatcher era which presented new female role models, this gave females aspirations to achieve goals previously thought to be unachievable(Thatcher was the first...

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