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Outside Listening Activity Essay

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1a.) Information:
"Saddest Days: Katrina, Its Aftermath and Impact on the New Orleans African American Community Project"
Date: October 8, 2008 Time: 7:00-8:30 Place: Center for Black Studies
Lecture and viewing of a documentary on the experience of students at HBCU’s in New Orleans and their reactions to Katrina, presented by Clyde Robertson.
1b.) Listening Goal Strategy:
I will be doing comprehensive listening and noting the main ideas of this speech to understand the impact and effects of Hurricane Katrina, in hopes to increase my active listening skills by the end of the semester for COMS class.
2.) The speech was given in topical order. The first main point was the lifestyles ...view middle of the document...

Testimony from Dillard Student, Kalilah Walker, says she was an emotional wreck after Hurricane Katrina. She didn’t want to go to any other school except Dillard. She went to three other schools after the disaster, but ultimately obtained her degree back at Dillard where she wanted to be. Also, the speaker stated that 1,100 people were killed in Hurricane Katrina. The testimony was effective because it gave the audience an outlook on how this disaster affected people differently. The testimony also helped me reach my listening goal because I understood the point he was trying to get across. The statistics he gave, however were not so effective because I don’t believe he specifically stated the amount of students that were killed or the total amount of people killed by Hurricane Katrina. This did not help me reach my listening goal because it confused me and I don’t think it had any relevance to his main point.
4.) I thought the speech was somewhat biased at some points because the speaker, Professor Clyde Robertson was actually a victim of Hurricane Katrina.
The speaker was emotionally affected by Hurricane Katrina.
The speaker seemed very passionate and felt very strongly this subject matter.
It doesn’t seem as if he believes the U.S. has a strong government and/or leader.
I believe the speaker had a personal message or motive behind making this documentary.
5.) The speaker was actually fired from Xavier University (one of the schools affected by the hurricane). He stated,” Xavier experienced the most damage out of the schools affected.” It seemed kind of hard for him to talk about it because he would pause and his eyes seem to water when he talked about his previous job and the students.
The speaker talked about how making the documentary on Hurricane Katrina was “therapeutic” and “healing”. He used a lot of “I” language and gave plenty of examples of how it affected his life. For example, he stopped teaching for awhile after the hurricane because and his first project he did when he started back teaching was the documentary on Hurricane Katrina.
The speaker seemed very strong and passionate about this topic because he spoke with a deep confident voice, everything he said flowed smoothly, and he didn’t have to refer to anything to deliver this speech. He sometimes included himself in some statements made about Xavier University such as, “I remember when Dick Chaney got a billion dollar check after the Vietnam War, but we…..we had to fight to get a billion dollars.”(Referring to the school)

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