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Overview of other regulatory issues * Legal systems * Regulatory environment * Governmental & non-governmental agencies that enforce laws or set guidelines for conducting business in the country and in your industry. An example for this would be the European Court of Justice and how it makes decisions for business disputes within the European Union. * Short discussion of any existing trade agreements with Canada and the agencies that make decisions in disputes. * Outline of contractual conditions that must be covered | 1. South Korea has the population which is over 45 million. As one of the developed countries, it has its own language and letters. Korean legal system ...view middle of the document...

No matter what status and social rank people are holding, they are treated equally before the law. The federal system of government has also been established in 1901. The power has also been distributed to between the federal government and the states. This means, the federal laws apply to the whole of Australia. Each of the federal and state systems incorporates several separate branches of government-legislative, executive and judicial. 2. International legal services advisory council is the one of the legal service which people would find for international trading system. It is refined and used to the engage the work on aspects of the law of the sea. 3. The framework of the Canada- Australia trading relationship has been established long time ago. GATT—general agreement on tariffs and trade is established in 1973 as bilateral trade agreement between Canada and Australia. 4. All people—Australians and non-Australians alike. The legal system is based on the concept of the rule of law. And it has independent Australian agencies safeguard legal and administrative rights. |
Business Customs * Description of business customs typical for country * Include overview of how to develop business relationships and estimated amount of time needed * Your analysis: How business customs will impact any negotiations | 1. Doing business in Korea; men greet each other with handshake. Eye contact is good maintaining. Women also shake hands. The distance between the people will not as close as western countries’. 2. Regarding to the meeting time, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm are the most convenient times for doing business. . In addition, gift would be used to...

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