Ozymandias And Sonnet 18 Essay

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The history of art has been tasked to mirror contemporary concerns and rise above them, achieving attention that has a universal impact among the readers.
The reason why we still read these pieces of poetry till today is because the expressions and effects that are contained in these poems can be applied and relatable to our modern society’s issues and history.

In ‘Ozymandias’, the poet puts an ironic tone. Shelley’s message is that leaders/rulers can be extremely powerful over their reign at one time, but they too will end up dying. Their legacy along with their achievements will be entrenched in the vast history and never be found.

Starting from the second line: “Two vast ...view middle of the document...

In Sonnet 18, the poet compares his friend to ‘a summer’s day’ and reveals the natural beauty that his friend inherits. While nature is considered to be magnificent and beautiful in literature, Shakespeare equivocally describes his friend’s beauty as ‘perfect’, ‘lovely, ‘temperate’ and long lasting. The line: ‘And every fair from fair sometime declines’ suggest that everything is bound to be forgotten and lost through time but through the next 4 lines, Shakespeare suggests that his friend’s beauty is not affected by the power of time.

Its extended uses of technical devices such as repetition and alliteration reinforce and emphasize the point being made by to poet. Some examples include heavy use of anaphora in lines 6-7, 10-11, 13-14 to constantly remind the reader of his friend’s beauty and immortalize it, and the use of personification with the Sun, nature, and death, to entrench his friend’s beauty along with the eternal longevity of nature.

In this poem, the poet succeeds on portraying this close and intimate connection to his friend by expressing his appreciation and love from his heart with words, so that they could be read by future generations and they too will grasp the understanding of his friend’s beauty.

Both “Sonnet 18” and “Ozymandias” have time and mortality as the recurrent theme even though they were written from two different periods. The two poems both mention time, that it is the strongest power in nature. Only their words surpass time, which would be read by us, retelling the legacy embodied along the poem. The poets of these two poems has shown us how important the use of words and art is into...

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