P1 Explain The Role Of Effective Communication And Interpersonal Interaction In A Health And Social Care Context

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There are many ways to make communication and interpersonal interactions effective within the health and social care settings. Effective communication is a conversation in which everyone understands what's being said and no one gets confused. It can depend on the context (e.g. one-to-one or groups), the forms (like; oral, written or computerised) and the types of interpersonal interactions (e.g. speech and non-verbal). Communication can help to build relationships with the patients, which means they will trust you know what is best for them and that you'll give the best quality care possible. Interpersonal interaction is how someone interacts with someone else and the way you speak to a ...view middle of the document...

The patient has to be comfortable with it, the worker can make sure they are by asking if they have a problem with it. If the client is not OK with it then being informal is very inappropriate and may make them uncomfortable which can make communicating and helping them difficult . One-to-one communication may be important because the patient wants their information to remain confidential or the service user may only feel comfortable talking about their problems in a one-to-one setting due to them having to share personal information. For example, counsellors use one-to-one meetings for confidentiality and privacy so the patient can open up and fill comfortable, this is very important as it will help the counsellor to provide for the clients needs. Group communications is used in things like, mothering classes, so lots of expectant mothers can use the service at the same time and share any experiences that may help the other expectant mothers attending. Or it can be used between colleagues, for instance, at nurse briefings or when working with others in different departments (police, paramedics or doctors). This will make sure that everyone involved knows what's going on, if this is not communicated properly then there may be misunderstandings and something may go wrong.

People communicate in a variety of different ways, some of the forms of communication are; oral, written or special methods. The hospital may use written communication for prescriptions or letters. Letters may be used to remind patients when their appointments are, however this method of communication can be flawed as the GP or hospital assumes that the client can read and doesn't have sight impairment. They need to make sure the method of communication is the best for the patient and that there are no misunderstandings happening. You could ask them what their preferred method is and adjust yourself accordingly, such as using sign language or Braille for those with sight or hearing impairments. This will ensure there will be effective communication. Oral is the most commonly used form of communication, it serves most people well as they can understand what is being said and can directly ask questions if they need to. This will get an instant response so any misunderstandings can be dealt with quickly...

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