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P1 M1 Caring For Children Essay

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This assignment is going to look at what it means to be a looked after child and how this happens. It will also look at why the child might go into care including two family related problems and two child related problems. This assignment is also going to look at four policies that contribute to the care of a child who is being looked after.

Some children may need to be looked after by the council for a short period of time or until they are 18 depending on the circumstances. The local authority will either place them in with foster parents, a childrens home, with relatives called kinship care or residential schools.

The child may have to be taken into care for a number of reasons, one ...view middle of the document...

There are two ways a child can get placed into care. The first way is called a section 20. This is when the local authority ask the parents to agree to letting their child come into the care system voluntarily. The parents must give valid consent for this to take place. The parents must also be fully aware of what they are agreeing to and the consequence of their answer. You will continue to make decisions based on you still having parental responsibility.

The second way a child can be taken into care is through a order of court under a care order. The parental responsibility is passed onto the local authority and this includes making decisions for the child such as who looks after them, how they are educated and where they live. The care order is given if the child is in danger or could come to harm if to stay with parents.

This assignment will now go on to look at four policies that contribute to the care of the child in care. The first policy to be looked at is called Every Child Matters (ECM). It was introduced to the UK in 2003. It is a legislation that was put into place to promote all children in reaching their full potential regardless of background. They pledge to let all children have support to be able to stay safe, be healthy, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.

Everyone that works with looked after children whether being hospitals, foster carers or social workers should remember this policy and this should help to ensure the looked after child benefits from the same support they would get otherwise. It will also ensure the best start in life and because of this the national institute for health and care excellence brought out a quality standard for looked after children.

Places such as where they live and who looks after them will have to abide by these quality standards. This is how this policy contribute to a child in care.

The next policy to be explained is The childrens act. (1989) (2004) this was brought in to ensure parents and organizations know how their responsibility of the child’s welfare and how they can meet the child’s needs. It also lays down legal guidelines for social services and other such agencies that work with children.This act...

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