P1 The Role Of Four Different Compli Therapies

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Describe and explain the role of four different complementary therapies in relation to orthodox treatment.
Complementary therapies are any practices that don’t fall in the category of medicine that are given to patients at a doctor surgery. These are given to patients by specialise who each perform a different type of treatment to those who are in need.
Orthodox treatment is a treatment given to patients by doctors at a surgery. Most of the medicines that are given by these doctors are scientific and are usually associated with the human biology.
Migraines are severe headaches which are caused by excessive dilation of the cerebral blood vessels, this happens when there are chemical ...view middle of the document...

With a slipped disc the whole spinal cord may be affected and the person may feel pain. The reason for this varies from being overweight, lifting heavy things, bending awkwardly ect.
A skipped disc may be diagnosed by an orthodox as a physical examination will be given whereas reflex, muscle strength, walking ability and sensation in the patient limbs. A MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) which is the use of magnetic field and radio waves to produce image of the inside of the body to shows may be given to produce the doctor with visual evidence of the disc and the size of it. The patient may also be given a CT (computerised tomography) this is when a series of x-rays are taken it advised to stay active for the 4-6 weeks that it may take to recover; swimming is usually a helpful solution. Medication is usually prescribed; painkillers, codeines and other, in some cases the patients are advised to visit a physiotherapist.
Osteopath which is a complementary therapy can be used to treat a slipped disc, in the first visit to a osteopathic a case history of the patient will be taken in this the following information will be collected; health history, dieting and lifestyle. This will be taken to help doctors to diagnose why the disc was pushed out of place in the first place. An osteopath will advised the patient on ways to sit, stand or bend as this will help to improve the posture. Osteopath will give the patients a gentle soft tissue massage enabling the muscle to release spasm this will also help by aiding and preventing the soft tissues around the disc.
High blood pressure, this is the measured of that the blood is being pumped around the body. It’s measured in millimetres of mercury (mmHg). It is usually determined that a person have high blood pressure when their blood pressure is 140/90mmHg or above. There are usually no symptoms or problems but if not found out about, this can cause serious cardiovascular disease like strokes or heat attacks. Those with high blood pressure their hearts have to twice as hard to pump blood around the body, after a while this will become weak the heart. The walls of the arteries will become damaged and become blocked or it may cause the arteries to split...

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