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P2 Unit 3 Health And Safety

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P2: Outline how legislation, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings.

Legislations are laws which have been made or enacted to protect vulnerable individuals from being harmed.

Data Protection Act 1998
The data protection act 1998 relates to personal information kept on paper and electronic format. Information that is kept should be relevant and not excessive. Personal information should have only been obtained for lawful reasons and should be current and accurate. All information should be protected against unauthorised access and accidental destruction. In the health and social care sector they ...view middle of the document...

Avoid repetitive lifts
2. Avoid lifting from the floor which can damage your spine or back
3. Plan every lift to be safe as possible
4. Ensure employees use lifting aids when people cannot move independently or when moving heavy objects.
5. Avoid twisting your body.
Under this regulation employers should enforce the way in which employee’s approach manual handling as a hazard or risk:
1. Avoid manual handling operations that involve a risk of injuries, as far as possible.
2. Take steps to reduce the risk of injury during those operations that cannot be avoided.
For example at a hospital when putting up or maintain X-ray machines, ultrasound machines you need to approach it with caution an use the correct lifting techniques or even ask for help. Ensure to get others to help you when moving heavy machinery or lifting this would take some the strain off your spine and back. Damaging your back or spine while at work can affect you for life may even leave you crippled. When hoisting or lifting a patient from one position into a next position have helping assistance around and stoop while lifting and be careful.

Food Safety Act 1990
The food safety act 1990 is an act of the parliament of the United Kingdom. It is statutory to treat food intended for human consumption in a controlled and managed way. Therefore gives power to the environmental health inspectors to inspect food and seize food that is not good for consumption of humans. If any food establishment breaches the food hygiene standards they can be served a notice, or in extreme circumstances be closed temporarily or permanently if they are considered a health hazard. Therefore, businesses
/establishments can be prosecuted for breaching standards. For example in a residential care home setting the kitchen staff/manager are to ensure that the kitchen area is maintained and that food products that are bought are fresh or not expired. Therefore if an individual is served fish that has not been stored properly and not fresh or cleaned properly can get fish poisoning with the other medical problems they suffer from. This will have a negative impact on the care standards and individuals and their families may feel the environment is not safe for their family members. The residential care home can lose their licenses to cook or prepare food on their premises.

Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulation 1995
Anyone who owns a business, or manages or works in an establishment with food are affected by this food safety regulation. Therefore, prevents any cases of food poisoning. It stipulates that food areas are to be kept clean and in good standards of personal hygiene are maintained. Ensuring that there are suitable controls put in place for pests. Also having sufficient natural light and proper mechanical ventilation. Avoid cross- contamination, before having a food business you have to show you completed a food hygiene certificate and you are licensed to sell. Make...

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