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(P3) Explain The Influences Of Two Predictable And Two Unpredictable Major Life Events On The Development Of An Individual

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Predicable life events

Leaving prison

Leaving prison is predicable because we know it’s going to happen. But what happens to someone development when they live prison?
There is a loss of routine, loss of a structured environment, possible lack of support when finding an income and housing and coping with possible discrimination.

All these may make the person reoffend because they know that prison is safe and they like the routine that comes with it. If someone has the support from family members and the community then they may be able to deal with the emotional and psychological effects.


Parenthood can be a very stressful time and some people may develop conditions like postnatal depression. 7 in 10 mothers will develop this condition the psychological and emotional side effects are: they will feel worthless and hopeless, have anxiety/panic attacks, their appetite will go, sleep disturbance because they find it hard to sleep even when tired and thoughts ...view middle of the document...

Bereavement can involve loss of friends because you are no longer a couple, loss of income that the person bought into the household, loss of physical and sexual comfort, loss of practical help with daily living activities, loss of leisure and social activities if you don’t like to do things on your own, loss of person that you were emotionally attached to and loss of emotional support, loss of self-confidences if there is no one to reassure you, loss of home if you cannot cope on your own and failure to adapt to an unwanted lifestyle.


Divorce can be traumatic time of life if you still love your husband. It can destroy confidence, self-esteem and trust in others, which can in turn hinder the development of new relationships.
On the other hand, divorce can be liberating if you no longer love your husband. This can bring opportunity for the divorcee to regain their independence, rebuild their confidence and self-esteem, learn new skills and develop new relationships. The vast majority of children cope well when their parents’ divorce but more children from broken homes have serious social or emotional problems than children from families that stay together.


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