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This essay explores the notion that many undergraduate students engaged in paid employment. Furthermore, the essay discusses the impact of this on their experience at university and on their performance. Typically, a lot of college students have part-time job while studying at university. This situation may have positive or negative effects on their scholastic performance. As Applegate and Daly (2006) stated that it is vital to realize that negative results might be happened when higher educational students undertaking paid work. Besides, there is potential advantage for scholars to ameliorate their organisational skills. Understandably, paid employment might have either advantage or ...view middle of the document...

7 percentage points” (p.157). Obviously, doing part-time job students will decrease GPA. In other words, undergraduate students studying at college while working will not do well on their courses. However, it is suggested that learners can doing paid work as long as it will not affect their learning. Applegate and Daly (2006) claimed that if undergraduates can work paid work without influencing scores and future income opportunities, part-time job is a sensible choice (p.158).
Not all further education college students have negative performance on academic while having part-time job. In short, undergraduate students who are working during their college experience have not impact on education. As Kouliavtsev and Stephen (2013) announced that 246 institution of higher educational students found roughly 85 percent reporting having a paid job while struggling at college, their academic performance have nothing effects by employment( p.54 ). This means that some learners have not any influence on GPA even though they doing paid work more than 10 hours per week. So, it is depending on the people. Everyone has different conditions. Moreover, Wang et al (as cited in Kouliavtsev & Stephen) found that “working part-time has no effect on academic performance of students and a positive effect on the student’s social life” (p.155). It appears that paid employment has no disadvantage on GPA but advantage on their social life which including joining clubs and building relationship with friends.
In addition, paid employment still has negative influence on academic and university experience. For example, Nurses organisation (as cited in Robert J and Gilmore, 2005) found that “this professional group student debt was having serious negative effects on the nursing profession by causing a showing of workers” (p.203). This means that nursing students have significant effects by field training. As a result, paid work for undergraduate students is not always positive. However, some university students who have paid employment actually are not their willing. As Robert J and Gilmore (2005) analysed that 57 percent of students who do not want to work if they have enough money to pay tuition (p.208) . It is clear that some students have to work in order to be educated in institution of higher education. In that case, we can define that the purpose of paid employment for learners are not all from their willing. Yet, according to Robert J and Gilmore (2005) claimed that “sixty percent or more of the students thought that working helped them learn how to organise their academic work” (p.211). This means that university learners can understand how to do academic work by doing paid work.
University scholars who are working have disadvantage on college experience. Generally, they spend majority of time undertaking part-time job. For example, Wenz and Yu (2010) stated that “working students may study less, earn lower grades” (p.360). It is possible that university...

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