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Painting Churches: The Nature Of Mags' Physical And Emotional Cravings

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Mags like any other child wanted attention and the feeling of being understood. However, when Mags was a little girl, her parents always ignored her. They really didn't notice that she was "three" and never really understood what she was trying to say or do. They never accepted her as who she was, always asking for reasons and questions. Her father being a writer, somewhat understood her artistic ways. ...view middle of the document...

However, once her mother found it, she destroyed it, leaving Mags heartbroken: "My heart stopped! I mean, I knew it was all over. My lovely creation didn't have a chance. Sure enough...out came the blow torch...I just have this very strong memory of you standing over my bed, your hair streaming around you face, aiming this...flame thrower at my strudel..."Mags also had to live with the fact that her mother and father are not doing well. Fanny constantly makes fun of Gardner as if he is a joke to her. He is an old man who has lost the ability to be continent and all Fanny can do is laugh at him: "It's so cruel...You're so...incredibly cruel to him...I mean, you disdain really takes my breath away! You're in a class by yourself when it comes to humiliation!".Mags always had to be more mature than her age. By protecting her father when her mother was insulting him to having the feeling of not being understood of heard makes it an interesting play. In other words, it adds flow to the play making it a little dramatic.By: Mika Mokko

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