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"Do you think that Pakistan is a nation that has a national culture of its own?
The passport I have says my nationality is Pakistani which clearly carries the implication that Pakistan is a nation. This essay deals with the question whether this nation has a national culture of its own. I however would first like to ask, if Pakistan is a nation in the first place.
The difference between a nation and a state cannot be more clearly defined than by the situation of our country. A nation is a sociological and psychological phenomenon; it's a group of common people who share the same heritage, origin, history, language and culture. It is people who possess similar thinking and are unified by a ...view middle of the document...

So in all actuality, the only common thing that the people of Pakistan share with each other is religion that is Islam which too however has been the subject of many alterations and divisions, resulting in different religious factions and sects, some of which clearly do not get along with one another. The question here is, does the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have a national culture? My answer is a staunch no.
Let's start with language, the most essential form of communication between people. Urdu is said to be national language of Pakistan but whoever believes this clearly has not been to each province respectively where we have Pashtu for Pashtuns, Punjabi for the Punjabis, Sindhi for the Sindhis and Balochi for the Balochs. This clearly indicates that each province has its own language that its people choose to converse with. And the barrage of languages isn't just limited to these four that I have mentioned, there are countless more that people in different areas use. There are some cases in which people do not even know or comprehend Urdu much less converse in it. For example, we recently hired a maid who hailed from Punjab. She speaks in a mixture of Saraiki and Punjabi and doesn't understand a word of Urdu spoken to her. If I look at people around me, my friends and me; I can safely say that most of us are unable to read Urdu and even write it with difficulty as compared to English which is the unofficial language of our country. This proves that there is no such thing as Urdu being the national language that is common for all citizens of Pakistan.
Moving on, let us analyze the national food and dress of Pakistan. We have the Afghani Chicken, Sindhi Baryani, Punjabi Palao and Balochi Kunnah and so on. There is not one single dish or style of cooking that can be termed to be common for all provinces. The dress code and attire differs in both color and design for each province respectively. What's more saddening is that even though the country is supposed to be an Islamic Republic, where according to the code of Islam, hypothetically speaking, the dress code should be both humble and modest. However depending on the values of the family you come from and the economic status one possesses, the dress code for Pakistanis have become strangely westernized. It reflects one's own way of thinking, preference and individuality. Where I do not think of this as wrong, it shows that there is no similarity of culture between the different classes of society.
Culture also determines a way of living and thinking and that too is not unified in Pakistanis. There is no inclination to preserve one's roots or to seek a greater connection to our heritage. Rather us Pakistanis have a strange...

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