Pan Boricua: Developing A Market Strategy For The Hispanic Market In The United States

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Individual Case Analysis: 1.

Problem Statement
According to the case, the partners would like to expand their business however they are unsure of how to execute. Should they stay in already established markets and expand within them or stay in the markets where they are not successful. And finally should they increase their distribution to other regions within the nation.

Strengths * Recognized brand * Unique tasting bread straight from Porto Rico * Already established in Orlando, Tampa, Kissimmee and Daytona | Weakness * Production of pan sobao in the U.S is very ...view middle of the document...

This proves that people are willing to pay the higher price for more artesian breads or a bread which will remind them of home, appose to paying higher price for the conventional sliced bread.

According to the case, Hispanics have become the largest minority in the United States with projected annual growth of 2.6% over the next 15 years. Hispanics are known to spend 43% more on food more than other groups on a weekly basis. Hispanics use more than 30% of their food spending on bakeries, butcher shops and the like. This group of people love food, and view the art of cooking and eating together as essential part of their culture. According to the social factors alone, there is a market for the Pan Soboa.
With the rise of globalization thanks to the Internet, companies are becoming more automated and e-commerce has been thriving. No information has been regarding their virtual presence other than a company website that does not seem to be working any longer.

Issues Identification
According to the analysis I have found the main issues to be the following, distribution, competition, and finally the extremely high margins retailers gain.
Pan Boricua had difficulties in the beginning when they were trying...

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