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Pandora's Box Essay

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She stares at the rusted surface of the blade. Passing a finger over the edge, she tests its sharpness, scrutinizing the metal. She can feel the steady acceleration of her heartbeat as the blade edges towards the pale smoothness of her wrist. She can no longer withstand the hopelessness and emptiness of her life, like a leech slowly sucking away her soul. She wants release.She couldn't pinpoint the exact moment when everything had fallen apart. It had happened gradually and she never noticed it until one night, after the evening on which her father did not come home for dinner. She woke up in the darkest part of the night and heard his voice pitched unnaturally loud and high. There was the ...view middle of the document...

Her mother was slowly withering away.She closes her eyes as the blade enters her skin. She can feel the metal searing through her skin, but no blood seeps through. Has her blood been taken by the devil, just like everything else in her life?She remembers the looks of utter disdain and loathing that her father had directed towards her. He had blamed everything on her; her mother's failed career, his inability to find a job and the state of the family. She was a good for nothing daughter and everything was her fault. His words ripped across the cold confines of her mind, sending her thoughts into tangled fingers, snatching, clawing, and ripping through her psyche.Maybe everything is her fault. Maybe her father is right. Maybe her mother hates her too. Maybe if she had bought the beer that night, her father wouldn't have gone out and...She can feel the tears, like the demons of Pandora's box, trying to escape the confines of her weak soul; her weak body. With a final act of determination, she digs the blade through, leaving a thick channel of blood, streaming down her wrist and arm. Her breathing becomes erratic, painful, pushing the flood of agony upwards and downwards in relentless pace. She feels dizzy, the room is spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning...she faints.She stirs from her sleep. The blurry edges of her surrounding gradually come into focus. She finds herself in an unfamiliar room. She feels weak and her arms don't seem to be working. She tries to remember what had happened after she had cut herself; but she can't.The afternoon sunlight streams through white curtains and bathes her features with a warm glow that almost touches a blush of colour to her pale cheeks.She lifts her left arm up. A bandage is wrapped around where her cut had been and there's a drip connected to her arm. Finally, she realizes where she is.This is only the second time that she's been here. The first time was after her father had been in a car accident. Her mother and her had rushed to the hospital after receiving a phone call. When they arrived, she saw her father,...

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