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Panther One Essay

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“I like the sound of that.” I tell her. We talk, giggle, kiss and dance some more. The evening passes with us acting like horney teenagers. She seems too good to be real, either that or she’s playing an Oscar winning roll. While dancing I execute a turn that brings my leg in between both of hers. We are hardly aware of anything but the pleasure we’re receiving as we turn around and around. Heated friction between our thighs and pelvic area grows to a fevered pitch.
“If you don’t stop that I’m going to melt here on the rug, Panther says. She’s having a difficult time catching her breath. She looks into my eyes and I see a girl hiding a lot of hurts. I wonder what’s going on in her head. ...view middle of the document...

“Oh Slugger, I needed that.”
We lay exhausted in external bliss.
If I could only feel enough to be involved, you’d be way up on my list Panther.
They hold on to each other to savor the ecstasy. I don’t want to get inside her head; I can barely stand being in my own. I just needed her body. How am I going to feel in the morning? I ask myself.
Just before sun up, sleep overtakes us. I wake up first, take a shower as hot as I can stand it and start dressing.
“Slugger, why didn’t you wake me?” She sighs with pleasure when I lean over and kiss her warmly. “That’s for last night.”
I’m starved she tells me. The sun is rising over the adjacent rooftops. With sun shining I go over and adjust the blinds, then suggest brunch at the cliff house.
“That’s a great choice,” she smiles. “They have the best omelets in the whole world.
“Would you mind stopping at my apartment so I can change? It’s on the way.”
In the car she snuggles close and wraps her arms around my right arm.
Only in the movies I tell myself. Maybe I’m dreaming.
As we come near her house, her ex-boyfriend is walking toward her building. Panther lets out a yelp and slides down into a corner of the front seat as we drive past him. I speed off hoping that Loudmouth doesn’t recognize my car. I make a turn down a side street and continue turning corners as I watch the rear view mirror.
“I think we just dodged a bullet back there Panther.” The remaining drive to the restaurant is in silence.
When we arrived at the Cliff House the day is warm but not sticky. It’s too early for the fog to have burned off. We request a table on the outside patio with its great view of the ocean. I

David Surretsky

look the menu over as Panther checks out the view.
Panther grabs my arm, “Look Slugger there’s a whale blowing.”
“Wow, that’s quite a sight.” I answer her. The past is forgotten.
“Yes, maybe the first of many sights we’ll share.” Panther lowers her eyes as if she might
have spoken without thinking.
I reach over and lift her chin so that her eyes are level with mine. “That’s certainly a nice thought. If there wasn’t business to take care of in New York I‘d extend my stay.”
“I sure would appreciate it if you could stay a little longer. Jimmy my ex is a...

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