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Paper 101

1456 words - 6 pages

Running head instructions: This is a 2 or 3 word phrase identifying the full title of your paper. Please note that your 2/3 word phrase is in all capital letters and should relate to your title. Then it is placed in the header section of your paper with the page number. By placing this in the header, you can change the words in your paper without having to realign the abbreviated title and page number. In the actual title, you need to capitalize the first letter of all key words in the title.
IF your instructor wants a research paper with an abstract, headings, citations, and references—THIS is the template to use. HRD 210 learners, use this template for your library writing ...view middle of the document...

Your introduction should receive no specific heading because it is assumed that your first section is your introduction section. Remember that APA format requires your paper in Times New Roman 12pt font and double spaced throughout.
Once you’ve considered these formatting issues, you will need to construct a thesis. This statement will then provide your reader with a lens for understanding the forthcoming paper you’ve decided to present in the body of your essay. You also want to attract your reader’s attention in this opening/introductory paragraph. If you do a thorough job with your thesis statement, you should have three key concepts to discuss in your paper, and each of those key concepts becomes a level 1 heading.
Level 1 Heading [centered & in bold]
This will be the beginning of the body of your essay. Even though it has a new heading, you want to make sure you connect this to your previous section so your reader can follow you and better understand your hard work. Remember to make sure your first sentence in each paragraph both transitions from your previous paragraph and summarizes the main point in your next paragraph. Stick to one topic per paragraph, and when you see yourself drifting to another idea, make sure you break into a new paragraph. Try to avoid long paragraphs to avoid losing your reader and to hold his or her attention--it’s much better to have a few shorter paragraphs than just long ones. Think: new idea, = new paragraph, but remember one or two sentences usually does not make a complete paragraph.
Level 1 Heading [centered & in bold]
Here’s another Level 1 heading. Again, the topic sentence of this section should explain how this is related or a result of what’s been discussed in the previous section. You’ll also want to consider using transitions between your sentences as well. Below are a few examples of how to transition from one statement to another (or in some cases, one piece of literature to another):
1. Many music teachers at Olson Junior High are concerned about losing their jobs (J. Thompson, personal communication, July 3, 2004). [note: if you use personal communication or personal interview within your paper, it must be cited, but it is NOT included on your reference page] This is not surprising considering the state’s recent financial cutbacks of fine arts programs (Pennsylvania Educational System, 2004).
2. Obesity affects as much as 17% of the total population of children (Johnson & Hammer, 2003). This increase of obesity leads to other chronic health problems, some short term and some long term (Christianson, 2004).
3. “The use of quotations in a paper is allowed if the information is in quotation marks, and the p. (page) or para. (paragraph) number is included in the citation” (Greene, 2011, p. 3). Therefore, if only the ideas from another source are being used, the citation will include the author or authors’ last name, followed by a comma, then the year of publication. If...

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