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Dressing up my Homeroom Bulletin Board
Dressing up my Homeroom Bulletin Board
My Targets
At the end of the activity, I should be able to:
* Decorate/ structure the bulletin board.

* Line-up the bulletin board to the lesson.

* Engage in the activity designed by the cooperating teacher.
My Objective
At the end of the activity, I should be able to structure (considering the steps) a bulletin board (that satisfies its uses).

Selecting a Topic
Thinking of a theme
GatheRing ...view middle of the document...

A ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are awarded to students who have successfully completed their studies.
A ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are awarded to students who have successfully completed their studies.
March Event
March Event


What I learned?
Looking in the structure of the bulletin board in your school that struck you most, list some recommendations to help improve/enhance its structure.
* pictures must be clear
* the materials must be durable.
* more information must be placed
* colored boarders
* cover for the pictures
to make it …
* use materials that is durable like if it is cartolina, you may put it in a cardboard
* find pictures that has a high resolution
* find more information what is all about like that
* find a color of boarders that is suited to the background of a bulletin board.
* Put a plastic cover in all pictures since the bulletin board is usually placed outside.
(Enumerate your reasons why you list those recommendations)
* For make the viewers will get information from the bulletin board
* It beautifies a room
* May use to reinforce learning
* When they saw the bulletin board you...

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