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Paper Critique

786 words - 4 pages

1. Give a complete, correct, bibliographic citation for your paper (see pages 111-113 of McMillan for examples; use the format discussed in lab). (4 points)

Roberts KJ, Anderson RC. 2001. Effects of garlic mustard [Alliaria petiolata (Beib. Cavara &
Grande)] extracts on plants and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi. Illinois: Department of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University. Am Midl Nat. 146: 146-152.

2. What was the major finding of this paper? Do not simply re-write the abstract. Be sure you understand the results and their interpretation. (6 points)

Garlic Mustard prevented the germination of spores of Gigaspora Rosea, as well as reduced its ability to bond with tomato ...view middle of the document...

This is due to species inability to develop in the low MIP regions. The mustard also has compounds dominant to those of many other species, making their reproduction even more slowed. The garlic mustard is also responsible for the production of some allelochemicals which are released into the soil. These allelochemicals make it impossible for some mycorrhizal species to prosper, and give some invasive species and garlic mustard plants advantages in their ability to develop.

4. Did the authors state one or more hypotheses and make predictions? Explain (and indicate what they were). Also, was a control group included in the study? If yes, what was the control? (10 points)

No clear hypothesis seems to exist, although the purpose of the experiment is stated clearly at the end of the introduction.
1) The first control within “The effect of garlic mustard leachate on the germination of Gigaspora rosea azygospores” was a mixture of water and agar containing a defined plant culture medium. This was prepared in a 10ml dish with no garlic mustard leachate and distilled water.
2) The next control was within “The effect of garlic mustard leachate on the colonization of tomato” in which 10 replicated bottles were made not containing 50% leachate, but only 1 tomato seedling and 4 Gigaspora rosea spores on agar-based semi-solid plant culture medium in 100 ml bottles.
3) The next control within...

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