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Introduction to Sociology
SOC 110

Catalog Description: As an introductory survey of sociology, it is designed to
give a broad overview of the field of sociology. It focuses on all aspects of society,
culture, social interaction, institutions, group processes, social control, diversity
and inequality based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, etc., and the causes and nature
of social stability and social change. As a three hour credit course, SOC110 provides the equivalent of 45 hours lecture or classwork. Students are expected to complete an additional 90 hours in homework, study time and completion. (3 credits)
Course Objectives:
1. Students will be able to analyze and explain ...view middle of the document...

▪ The student should be able to discuss, using sociological terms and concepts,
some major sociological concepts such as stratification and power, social change, especially in social institutions, globalization, and society-environment interactions.

The Mission of Salem International University

The mission of Salem International University is to prepare global citizens with broad knowledge, marketable professional skills, and the ability to make decisions with integrity and an international perspective.

The goals of the University are to:

• Provide effective educational experiences;

• Design and maintain a unique environment conducive to developing an international citizen;

• Select, support, and develop human resources consistent with excellence in leadership, scholarship, and work and life skills; and

• Improve student learning, facilitate improvements in teaching, and corroborate institutional effectiveness.

Instructional Strategies
Instructional strategies that will be incorporated into this course include: preparation of an electronic portfolio using LiveText, lecture, cooperative learning (group discussions), written reflection, discussion, inquiry, and research.
21st Century and Problem-Solving Skills
To address skills currently required in today’s school and/or marketplace based on revolutionary changes in technology, the global marketplace and significant social, political and environmental issues, students will develop 21st Century skills which are relevant, engaging, and includes rigor necessary to prepare students to get a job in a culturally diverse, technologically complex and economically competitive world.
Twenty-first century learning skills can be categorized into three broad areas:
A. Information and Communication Skills: Information processing skills that include information and media literacy, visual literacy as well as communications and technology literacy and oral, written and multimedia communication. These include using research tools, such as word processing, e-mail, presentation software and the Internet, to access, manage, integrate, create and communicate with others. Students with these skills can articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through speaking and writing. They demonstrate the ability to work effectively with diverse teams and exercise flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal. They also assume a shared responsibility for collaborative work.
B. Thinking and Problem-solving Skills: These skills use problem-solving tools, such as spreadsheets, decision support and design tools, to develop critical thinking, systems thinking, problem-solving, creativity and innovation. Students with these skills demonstrate originality and inventiveness in their work and develop, implement and communicate new ideas to others. They are open and responsive to new and...

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