Paper Publishing Vs E Publishing

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Paper Publishing vs E-Publishing

History of Paper Publishing
The introduction of printing created a medium for communication like no other. "Until the advent of radio it was the great means of communication". As paper became more widely available in the thirteenth century writing became more prominent. When the need to reproduce texts became greater, Gutenberg's movable type came about followed by a variety of other printing processes. By 1500 somewhere around 12,000,000 books in 35,000 editions had been printed. The world's first newspaper was published in Germany in 1609. But with such volumes suddenly being distributed, regulations were ...view middle of the document...

A second, perhaps less obvious, advantage of paper sources is that, because there is considerable effort and expense involved in producing them, they tend to be more reliable than some electronic sources. Nowadays almost anyone can produce web-based material for little or no cost and so the content of many websites is trivial or inaccurate. Books, certainly those produced by reputable publishers, tend to be more trustworthy because they have been through a process of selection, editing and proof-reading.

The main disadvantage of many paper information sources lies in the difficulty of updating them. Publishers will print a certain number of copies of a book and the material will not be updated until a new edition is brought out, perhaps several years later. Many books are never updated at all.
The other major disadvantage of the paper source is due to the difficulty of indexing the contents of any book or periodical thoroughly. Electronic sources can have full text indexing where every significant word in the text is included in a subject index. With print materials even the most skilled of indexers will produce an index with a limited number of subject keywords.
And lastly, the sheer size of paper information sources presents challenges about how to store them. You can easily judge this by comparing the space required to store a 30-volume print encyclopaedia with its equivalent CD or DVD-ROM.
However, we should recognise that paper sources still have an important part to play in any information task. The trick lies in recognising when it will be quicker and easier to use paper sources rather than their electronic relations.

History of Online Publishing(E-Publishing)
Online publishing has been around for about ten years --ever since people started putting their text files on the Internet in an effort to share information. However, it seems when dealing with print, we all know what the word publishing encompasses --everything from books, to magazines, to newsletters and brochures. But in the online world, because everything sent across the Internet is, in a sense, posted to the public domain for others to read, many feel that even email, chat groups, anything that IS online, is published. It can make for a confusing area of conversation and research. For the sake of a more focused and easily understood reference, we'll look at online publishing in the same terms in which we think of print publishing --a work meant for public consumption that entails professional (although not necessarily for profit) care given to design, editing, audience, and distribution. Basically, we're addressing what we like to call online desktop publishing; however, even under this title you're likely to find a variety of definitions.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Publishing
Speed ,Easily searchable Rapid communication between the participants in the network and communicate with each other,  for example, Articles can be...

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