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Parent/Child Obligations Essay

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Should children have certain obligations to their parents, when they get older? When one looks at this question, many answers could be drawn from this very complex topic. Therefore, after having plenty of in-depth research, I feel that children are obligated to their parents when they get older. I feel children should take care of their parents; by paying their bills, supporting them, being there for them, and lending them a hand with anything they might have difficulties with. In addition, I feel the children are in debt to their parents, for all of what their parents went through, to make the children who they are today.My main reason for my belief is that the parents brought up the ...view middle of the document...

In addition, helping your parents financially is not only a good deed, but it even shows them that you care for them, and appreciate everything they have done for you.My last reason is that I feel parents' has set themselves as romodels', when they first start taking care of their children. As the children grew up and became more aware of the world, that they live in, they couldn't have done it without their parents'. In addition, I feel that ever since the child was born, the child was indebted to the parents for your birth and for the person who you became. Therefore, with all of the guidance, help, support, and advice that have been passed down from the parents to the children, has enabled a leading success to the child's character, goals, and career. Moreover, until the child is fully mature, the parents nurture the child less and less according to his or her age. As a result, when the child becomes fully mature, and is then fully developed to undertake what was once thought impossible, could now be possible and be ready to foresee his or her goals and ambitions in life.If one who might disagree, I feel he or she wouldn't be fully incorrect. The reason is, that parents' do their jobs and once the child leaves, he or she is on their own. In addition, one might say that the parents' payback is what becomes of the parents' grandchildren. In correlation, all of the instilments that the parents' have put into their children could be easily recognized through the grandchildren. Nevertheless, I still feel that every child and parent is different and; therefore, you can't judge every person the same way. Hence, I feel it would not be wise or be recommended to leave your parents' alone and to forget about them. Therefore, one must strive to keep their lives going, and do what they can do to diffuse the financial wealth throughout your entire family, including your parents'.When I was with my friend last week, he was telling me about the arguments that he and his parents are going through, which...

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