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Parents Deserve Respect Essay

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Why Parents Deserve Their Children’s Respect

Christopher Hull


Ms. Davis

Why Parents Deserve Their Children’s Respect

I come from a family where that when I was a child, I always had to respect my parents. Unfortunately in these new days, my children do not think they have to show the same respect as I did when I was a child. A very big and exhausting fight with my oldest son about his drug problem broke out. My oldest son Josh told us to our faces that he didn't have to respect us because we hadn't earned the respect from him. Things became very clear that my son Josh didn't have the same respect towards my wife and me at that time. In my opinion, my children need to respect us parents, no matter the situation.

As the fight began, the yelling started very quick. We could tell that Josh was getting very frustrated very quickly. His voice became more and more loud, and his face ...view middle of the document...

I knew with all this yelling that the neighbors could probably clearly hear that were all fighting about something. I tried to get my son to settle down and not yell as loud as he was, but his face was beet red, and you could see the anger and rage in his face.
The raw emotion coming from Josh's yelling could have scared anyone if they were to hear him. All of this yelling and screaming came from him wanting more money. We were on the verge of breaking ourselves trying to support his bad habits. He didn't want to understand why we were saying no to him. We were making a hard choice ourselves. We needed to stop the bleeding of money that was happening as a result of him wanting more and more money for drugs and alcohol. This decision was hard for us because parents always want to help their children when they can, but this time we couldn’t anymore.

The final straw finally came when my son yelled at the top of his lungs and called my wife an "F****** B****." My wife's temper got to the breaking point and couldn't handle the situation anymore. She wanted my son removed from the house at that point in time. I had to agree with her; no one needs to use such words towards their parents. At that point, it was now time for my son to leave and find somewhere else to stay and possibly live if he is going to continue to be so disrespectful. My son packed a backpack and an overnight bag and left the house around midnight that night. As far as we knew he didn't have any friends to stay with or didn't have a particular place to go.

After all was said, and the situation was so very emotional for both my son and us. My son did finally come back home super late in the night. My son and my wife had a very long discussion through texts on their phones. My son explained why he was acting the way he was, and my wife understood. Even though we had removed our son from the house, we were still happy that he came back home, and he was safe. We knew now he was home and safe and that we had to have some deep emotional conversations about what happened earlier that night. The next day became the day of healing and working with him to try to help his habit and move forward.

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