Parvaderm Marketing Paper

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I. Summary of Facts
A. Market – women’s personal care and shaving gel
1. Customers, consumers, or users
a. The target market is female/women and especially professional women
b. Age group is 13 and over
c. The target income level is mid-high income
2. Drug and food-and-drug stores
a. Sold through rack jobbers that act as the wholesalers that set up and merchandise retail displays
3. Economic Market- monopolistic competition
a. It is a very competitive market with increasing advertising and promotion
b. The market is expanding slowly as sales growth is 3-5% yearly
B. Product
1. Women’s personal-care products
a. Soft and Silky Shaving Gel in tube packaging
b. Facial creams
c. ...view middle of the document...

Beneficial ingredients are emphasized on the packaging
5. Media advertising has increased to promote brand awareness
6. Increased competition has also led to the response of increased advertising and promotion
7. Expansibility
a. Somewhat expansible, but is expanding slowly as sales growth is 3-5% yearly.
b. The unit sales volume had slowed then plateaued in recent years
E. Place
1. Food-and-drug stores are retail outlets for the product to be distributed to its consumers
2. Drugstores are also locations where the product is distributed
3. The products are distributed through rack jobbers
4. Channel: manufacturer – rack jobbers (fillers) – retailer – consumer
F. Other
1. Competitors
a. Skintimate: 7 oz. Gel @ $2.79 and 10 oz. Cream @ $2.99
b. Satin Care: 7 oz. Gel @ $2.99
c. Soft Shave: 9 oz. Lotion @ $1.82
d. Aveeno: 7 oz. Gel @ $3.99
e. The market for “women-s only” was very small but expanded as technology improved and advertising increased
f. Gillette introduced women’s razors in 1999
g. Only two competitive products were available in 1993; Skintimate and Soft Shave
h. Major competitors in the market are S.C. Johnson and Gillette
i. The aerosol container became the major container for women’s shaving gels and creams
2. Estimated 2005 sales without package change is 10,745,174 ounces (1,953,668 units)
3. Estimated combined package volume in ounces
a. 5 ½–ounce low of 11,044,174 and high of 11,245,174
b. 10–ounce low of 11,545,174 and high of 12,245,174
4. Courtwright’s proposals and suggestions
a. Courtwright, the brand assistant for Soft and Silky brand recommended new packaging for the product. The observations led to a preliminary study to research different packaging
b. The new package idea has become a pet project for Courtwright
c. Courtwright felt that she has more experience and more should have been promoted to the Product Manager position
d. As the new Product Manager, Masters must analyze Courtwright's proposal thoroughly to maintain good working relationship with Courtwright
5. Product differentiation
a. The product was positioned as a high-quality women’s shaving gel
b. A few changes were made to the packaging and manufacturing
c. Additional ingredients for moisturizing was added in to meet the demands of its consumers
6. Strong brand loyalty
a. A customer franchise was created from its unique market positioning
b. A premium price is charged for the product above its competitors
c. None of the brand’s current customers have used the competing brands in the past two years
d. The pricing was accepted and favored by its customers

II. Problem/Opportunity
A. Primary – Insufficient product management strategy
B. Secondary
1. Possible product development line extension
2. Insufficient analysis new packaging proposal
3. Value of proposed test market

III. Recommended Action
A. Primary - develop a comprehensive strategic product management plan for Soft and Silky
B. Secondary

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