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Past And Current Drug Trends Essay

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The following paper will explain past and current trends of the use and abuse of illegal substances in the United States and ways in which American culture encourages and supports drug use and abuse, and the cultural appropriateness of using narcotics for medical purposes

Past and Current Drug Trends
Substance abuse in the United States has a historic national and economic array of reasons. People could have access to and abuse drugs because of its illegal availability and a very systematic expansion of drug dealing business in metropolitan /urban areas around the country. Reports by NIH and APA, disclose the marked increase in the abuse of drugs by younger and younger ...view middle of the document...

How does American culture encourage drug abuse? The most saddening of all factors is that young adolescents don’t have an open line of communication with their guardians or parents that are responsible for the well being and safety of their children, from illicit drug use. The encouragement and the support, which students obtain from their peers and someone, in some cases, who they most believe in, if those people offer drugs to students for their own malicious and ignoble ends, then there is little that a young individual can do, to run away from such a scheme. The increase and addictive trends in drug abuse by teenagers are an outcome of a complex combination of factors: money, peers, media, detachment from family and thereby no knowledge and conscience for personal care and regard for morality and ethical values, which could prevent youth from becoming a victims drug abuse. Most media programming portrays drug use in a ‘cool’ sentiment, e.g., as if it is a good thing to experiment with drugs. Today, youth have no mental recognition of what is going on with themselves and their peers; they spiral into a bottomless pit of personal disrepute, dependence (on other people to save their lives every time they take a high dose of drugs and faint). Their education and career is in ruins as well as failure in social atmosphere due to drug abuse habits, not to mention extreme danger in which young individuals put others in harms way.

Medical professionals will keep on doing their work to heal and rehabilitate the drug abusers, but for how long? Therapists are more concerned about family therapy these days because they find disconnect between family and the young person who take involved in drugs. These treatment modalities and interventions suggest that there is a need for a revival of ethical and social values and norms, which push adolescents into drug abuse for life. Overwhelming majority of youth today, are idle, have poor academic records, have no desire to go for further education in colleges and become qualified professionals in work fields or become role-modeling leaders for their own or the next generations to come. The long-term negative effects on their lives and burdening of current social, economic, and health aspects of the lives of drugs abusers lead to a hopeless and painful ending.
Many contributing factors exist that affect the rise of health problems within the United States in relation to substance abuse. “Substance abuse is the nation's top health problem, causing more deaths, illness...

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