Past Injustice Essay

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Past Injustices
To forge a just society would involve being able to believe in peace within our world. To be human is to forgive those who have wronged us or those who share different beliefs. We are a country who fights for human rights all over the planet. We are a people who see torture and genocide as intolerable. We are one of five countries that still administer the death penalty. Have we learned nothing from the past? "We are witness to human suffering that is caused by violence being treated with violence. The guilty and innocent on death row awaiting their fate is a mental picture that does not seem possible in this century. Killing is never justified! Countless of innocent men ...view middle of the document...

Let’s roll back the curtain for just on moment. What did Hitler say? He said “we are building a German race that will last a thousand years.” One of the first actions Hitler took when he began Chancellor of Germany was to begin to execute disabled children. If Germans were to constantly manifest themselves as the master race then the genetically flawed Germans need to be removed. And the world stood by, closed their eyes and turned their ‘hearing aids off’ allowing Nazi Germany to kill more than six millions Jews. When the world woke up from their slumber and stupor, they had the audacity to say “we did not know.” How could they not have any idea!
Holocaust survivors and their families will never be compensated for their dehumanization and the cruelties committed against them. Furthermore, after more than a hundred years, they were finally able to receive their monetary inheritance from the banks in Switzerland who denied such records for decades; holding and hidden all that were rightfully theirs. They felt absolutely no obligations to rectify past hurts because; their ancestors committed the crimes long ago, like many of us today they felt no obligation to alleviate past injustices.
The Christian-Judeo relationship is viewed as a form of affirmative action in this colloquium presented by Father Dubois. He implied: “it is not aversion to difference that requires explanation; for aversion to difference is “the human condition” (Holocaust by Bullets, Colloquia #1).
We may be frustrated by the...

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