Pathology Signs And Symptoms Essay

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Signs and Symptoms
Absence Seizure-Type of epileptic seizure that lasts only a few seconds to half a minute, characterized by a loss of awareness and an absence of activity. It is also called petit mal seizure.
Anesthesia-Lack of feeling or sensation
Aura-Sensations, such as seeing colors or smelling an unusual odor, that occur just prior to an epileptic seizure or migraine headache.
Coma-Profound unconsciousness resulting from an illness or injury
Conscious-Condition of being awake and aware of surroundings
Hemiparesis-Weakness or loss of motion on one side of the body
Paraplegia-Paralysis of the lower portion of the body and both legs
Paresthesia-Abnormal sensation such ...view middle of the document...

Named for British physician Sir James Parkinson.
Reye Syndrome-Combination of symptoms first recognized by Australian pathologist R. D. K. Reye that includes acute encephalopathy and damage to various organs, especially the liver. This occurs in children under age 15 who have had a viral infection. It is also associated with taking aspirin. For this reason, it’s not recommended for children to use aspirin.
Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)- Temporary interference with blood supply to the brain, causing neurological symptoms such as dizziness, numbness, and hemiparesis. May eventually lead to a full-blown stroke (cerebrovascular accident).
Spinal Cord
Myelomeningocele- Congenital condition in which the meninges and spinal cord protrude through an opening in the vertebral column
Poliomyelitis- Viral inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord. Results in varying degrees of paralysis; may be mild and reversible or may be severe or permanent. This disease has been almost eliminated due to the discovery of a vaccine in the 1950s
Bell’s Palsy- One-sided facial paralysis due to inflammation of the facial nerve, probably viral in nature. The patient cannot control salivation, tearing of the eyes,, or expression, but most will eventually recover.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)- Inflammatory disease of the central nervous system in which there is extreme weakness and...

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