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Patient Assisted Suicide Essay

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Project –Part 3 * * Tim McDougald
Legalized Euthanasia Would Not Lead to Involuntary Killing.
Independent Variables: PAS (patient assistant suicide), euthanasia, patient right to die, Netherlands, Nazis, Hitler
Dependent Variables: death, slippery slope arguments, legalization of euthanasia/PAS, and modern America.
This article addresses the issue that euthanasia would not lead to involuntary killing of patients. Slippery slope arguments against euthanasia say that PAS (patient assisted suicide) will be used in medical cases that are not well-known and will lead to doctors, who utilize euthanasia as an option, running the hospitals of America. Basically, this type of argument is ...view middle of the document...

For instance, some reports called that doctors acted to quickly to the patients last request not giving them time to recollect on their thoughts; while other reported indicate that the patients were euthanized without asking for it at all.
Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide is Premature
Independent Variables: fear of potential dangers, unbearable suffering, mentally competent patients with incurable illnesses, pain
Dependent Variables: patient’s impact on society, further patient studies are required, doctors connecting with patients
Researchers, Yvonne Mark, Glyn Elwyn, and Llora G. Finlay agree that more research and studies are necessary to get accurate information for euthanasia patients before different countries decide to legalize assisted suicide. Basically, these researchers are saying that if a patient experiences pain and wants euthanasia, then every effort should be made to provide better palliative care for them prior to distributing the medical procedure. Finding out why a patient may visit a doctor about receiving euthanasia is the fundamental question to ask before this medical process is legalized in any country.
The debates about assisted suicide have been primarily with medical professionals, academics, lawyers, and politicians. Instead these discussions should be communicated with the patients who actually choose to end their lives due to serious illnesses, being a financial burden, or have isolation concerns from society. Most euthanasia studies have been using quantitative approaches that relate to the physicians rather than to the sick patient. These studies are not entirely accurate since they use patients, who neither are terminally ill nor desire death for whatever reason, thus making their responses inaccurate about their true feelings concerning assisted suicide. More recently, HIV patients have been requesting assisted suicide to be performed due to their symptoms of functional loss or losingtouch with their community. An overall understanding of the patient as a whole person can truly enable doctors, lawyer, and even politicians, to see the reasoning of a patient’s request for euthanasia.
Legalizing Assisted Suicide Prevents Harm to the Vulnerable
Independent Variables: assisted suicide slippery slope argument, comparison between human beings and nonhumans, irony of killing euthanasia patients
Dependent Variables: patient’s request vs. physician’s prescription, legalization of assisted suicide, negative and positive reactions when a patient’s life is taken
In this article, author Peter Singer introduces the irony of killing an innocent human being by voluntary euthanasia. When comparing brain-damaged human beings to a nonhuman animal, the author is saying that they both have the same mental capacity. One of Singer’s first points was that patients may end whatever has been good or bad in their lives by using patient assisted suicide methods. The patient’s freedom to choose for...

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