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Patient Centered Care Essay

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Different governmental policies endorse nurses to use each and every reachable chance to encourage the health and wellbeing of patients (Department of Health 2010). Nurses enjoy a unique and distinct connection with patients, which promotes trust that patients can have in nurses. Therefore, it is the essential duty of nurses that they should use their powers and trust to inspire behavioural change in the patients who have poor health due to their unhealthy behaviour about themselves. The most important way for this purpose is to empower the patients by involving them in their care plan. The involvement in any kind of decision making activities and plans will bring positive ...view middle of the document...

This approach is utilised below for Mrs. Thomson.

Once Mrs Thomas was comfortable, the nursing assessment was begun. An assessment is basically the compilation of information from a person, to establish their requirements and develop an obvious potential of their situation. This process depends on thorough and complete assessments to be a success. An important nursing skill is monitoring a patient, via all five senses, from hearing to enhance information, to feeling them via a touch, assessing their body temperature and their skin condition (Brooker and Waugh 2007). Holland et al (2004) is also of the opinion that an assessment recognises the main concern amongst the problems. This necessary information can be gathered in a number of distinct ways, from watching a patient, examining, and communicating with them. Gathering of information can also be made via a relative mean if, for instance, the patient who is the primary source is comatose or unconscious. Information can be obtained from the patient, the friends or family of patients and even from the health records or evidence (Peate 2010).
Further, in order to carry out a full assessment different assessment tools were used based on Mrs Thomas clinical presentation. Her assessment was carried out by her bedside and in order to respect her privacy the curtains were drawn out. The assessment needs to be carried out appropriately and correctly. Barrett et al (2009) states that nurses who perform incomplete and disordered assessments, may not be successful in finding a major problem, or seeing an underlying issue. Assessment is the keystone on which a patients care is designed, applied and assessed (Roper, Logan, Tierney 2008)). Sutcliffe (1990) also stated that incomplete or poor assessment consequently causes poor care planning and execution of the care plan. Therefore, in order to carry out a precise assessment full concentration was made following all the standards.
Physical examinations revealed the presence of bruising to the left side of her face, and her upper and lower body. She also complained of a general, non-specific soreness of the whole body and headache. There was a problem of urinary incontinence, and her urine also smelled offensive. However, there was no other significant past medical and surgical history.
A number of risk assessment tools were used when assessing Mrs Thomas. These were the waterlow score, malnutrition universal screening tool (MUST), activities of Living and falls risk assessment score. The waterlow score helps to find out whether there is a possibility of developing a pressure ulcer in a patient or not (Waterlow, 2005).The MUST tool is a screening tool for nutritional assessment that identifies under nutrition and over nutrition (obesity) in a patient (BAPEN, 2008). Activities of living model is basically a tool comprising twelve activities that are intended to maintain a normal living, and include communication, eating and drinking,...

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