Patient Satisfaction Essay

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The good health of nations is a key to human development and economic growth and it is important to analyze health systems’ performance and to share what we knew with governments and the international community.

Within all systems there are many highly skilled, dedicated people working at all levels to improve the health of their communities. To move towards higher quality care, more and better information is commonly required on existing provision, on the interventions offered and on major constraints on service implementation Consumers need to be better informed about what is good and bad for their health, why not all of
their expectations can be met, and that they have rights which all providers should respect.

The challenge is to develop health systems that equitably improve health outcomes, respond to people’s legitimate demands and are financially fair. Recent research ...view middle of the document...

“Performance” is defined as the extent to which the health system is meeting a set of key objectives. The key objectives for the health system are suggested as being: improving health outcomes and responsiveness to consumers, economic efficiency and equity of health (or access to care). The success or failure of any initiative to improve health performance will depend on the political and institutional context in which it is

Satisfaction is an important element in the evaluation stage. Recent studies have shown an increased association between satisfaction levels, patient’s compliance and success of the treatment. With the healthcare market turning from a seller’s market into buyers market, healthcare providers are turning more and more towards marketing of their services. This requires a marketing information system, which provides information that is accurate, timely a need-based. For this, a relevant tool for hospital administrators today is a patient satisfaction survey, which reveals the patient satisfaction levels with the hospitals. This survey was conducted to collect information regarding the attitudes of patients
attending both inpatient and outpatient department.

One of the significant trends in the development of modern healthcare is the involvement of patient / clients in the management of their care and treatment. The Health Strategy – Quality and Fairness (DOHC 2001) makes a particular reference to the inclusion of patient/clients in both the principles and the National Goals.

To support this development it is important to acknowledge that the experiences of patients/clients of health care vary considerably. Some may have an occasional intervention while others have a more permanent and long-term relationship with a service provider depending on the nature and extent of their need.

Person centred health care respects the dignity and value of each person. It is entirely desirable and proper that the views of patient/clients should be sought on their experiences and expectations of health care.

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