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Patient Support Services Essay

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Patient Support Services
Vanassa Kay Fultz
HCA305: The U.S. Health Care System
Quida Davis
November 1, 2010

Patient Support Services
Patient Support Service is information and advice on your local health care services, help the public be informed of what services are available to them. Also can help resolve any problems with their healthcare service and advise them on how to make a formal complaint if needed. The social services department helps patients with discharge plans and help with the community based services. Generally this department assists patients and their family with achieving the best social and domestic environment for the patients care and recovery. (Sultz ...view middle of the document...

(The Senate-passed)
The University Of Colorado Hospital has many different situations that they take care anywhere from Additions to Women’s health. They do transplants of all kinds. They have a Children’s Hospital that is top notch and some of the best Doctors in their field working there. This is also a teaching hospital. Because of all of this they have a very large Patient Support Services. You can get this information from either on line or at the hospital itself. Depending on the area of information one needs they can find this information regarding the procedure, a support group, an event or a doctor. Some of the types of support they give are explaining what a procedure is like a 12 Lead EKG which is part of the cardiovascular assessment of a patient. The purpose of this one-day course is to assist the registered nurse and other healthcare providers in understanding and interpreting the 12-Lead EKG and the changes often seen on it. (Patient Support Services) This is just an example of many things a person can find in the Patient Support Services at this hospital. They also have information on where families can stay while their loved ones are staying. There is also the clinics themselves. The training and compassion that is shown is of high caliber.
The Patient Support Services deal with patients that have no insurance or the finances to pay for the medical services that are needed. They help with forms to get them grants if the qualify for. They also help deal with the insurance companies if the patient has any.
Most procedures will not be preformed or even looked at if the patient does not have insurance. . Those that do not have access to healthcare are often either unable to afford the insurance, or have been denied coverage by insurance companies.  Individuals frequently have coverage denied to them due to pre-existing conditions or diseases. Insurance companies are not willing to take the risk of insuring high risk people, which means that people that need insurance the most do not have access to it and will not be able to have a life saving procedure done.
The US spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the world. The US spends approximately $2 trillion per year. About $600 billion is never seen by recipients. Almost $98 billion is spent for administration cost. In other countries whose life expectancies go beyond those in the U.S., all of whom have some kind of structured insurance plan either paid from a taxpayer-financed, or single-payer structure, this used to be called "socialized medicine." by detractors. Worse yet, the current system we have, leave more than 40 million Americans lacking health insurance. Because many are unemployed or have very low incomes, programs that provide incentives through employers and tax relief do not help these people. With this much room for possible improvement, the incentives should be sufficient to foster changes in behavior. A recent McKinsey study estimates that...

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