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Patient With Panic Disorder And Identity Problem

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Rob wants to confront his mother who never embraced him as a child. Willing to talk about his past in order to move on with his life.

5-Axis Diagnosis
Rob shows a pattern of the following disorders: panic disorder: he has palpitations of the heart, sweeting and fear of losing control or going crazy. Dysthymic disorder: insomnia, overeating, low self-esteem, difficulty making decisions and feelings hopelessness. Identify Problems: Rob patterns fit the syndrome of identity problem. He is uncertain about friendship patterns, sexual orientation and behavior, moral and religious values and group loyalties. Adjustment Disorder: nervousness, worry and fear of separation from his Navy officer, ...view middle of the document...

Axis lV requires a listing of the psychosocial and environmental problems that the client has experienced with the last year. A stressor for Rob would be discord with foster mother, which would be included on Axis lV. Axis V; the client’s assessment of functioning (GAF). Based on the DSM-V-TR guidelines, I would estimate his current GAF to be 60, which would indicate that he has moderate symptoms or moderate difficulty in his overall psychological functioning. (Corey 2013).
Rob reported unhappiness with his life could his way of expression symptoms of depression and might be helped by medication in addition to psychotherapy. DSM-V-TR diagnoses can be useful in determine the role of organic factors in Rob’s symptomatology and in deciding if she should be referred for medication. In DSM-V-TR terms, Rob meets the following diagnostic criteria;
300.01: panic disorder without agoraphobia
313.82 identity problem.

Key Issues and Measurable Goals
Intrapsychic conflicts and repression of childhood experiences. The psychosexual aspects of the client relationships with his parents and foster caregivers remain key conflict areas for him. According to Freudian model of healthy development, he would have experienced early libidinal attraction to his mother and rivalry with his father.
One of the overall themes of Rob’s therapy is coming to a better understanding of the kind of relationships he want to change. Understanding how Rob ’s past experiences are still influencing his current relationships is a central topic...

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