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Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease Essay

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Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
HCS 490
July 1, 2013

Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
There are so many people across the nation who do not know about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or yet alone, what chronic means. According to Vorvick (2013), “Chronic refers to something that continues over a long period of time.” This means that a person who is diagnosed with CKD has probably had kidney damage that occurred over a period of time and they do not know about it until the disease surfaces more than before. Chronic Kidney Disease is a serious health condition that is life or death. Having the knowledge of the demographics is for this illness will allow a person to know ...view middle of the document...

According to Elliot (2012), “Advancements in technology, vaccinations, drugs, and health literacy can be attributed in older adults living longer and healthier lives.” With that said, the Baby Boomers quality of life could more than likely improve and they would be able to see their fifth and sixth decade of life. These changes will effect health care demographically because their life will be extended only if they follow the diet that he or she is on and take medications as prescribed to them.
One key health-related challenges could be an increase in prescription for adults who are doing dialysis for “prolonged survival” (Bapat et al, 2008). The elderly nephrology patients who are in the last couple of stages of CKD are the ones who are going to be on either Hemodialysis or Peritoneal dialysis. Either way, both types of dialysis require a prescription for exchanges. If a patient is already in the latter stages of CKD, he or she is known to have an increase in health care costs because they will be having treatments like dialysis exchanges done. Dialysis equipment and prescriptions are not affordable to a person with this type of disease.
A wellness program for CKD could possibly affect the cost of the demographic of people who are diagnosed with CKD. Most CKD patients would probably join a non-profit organization to lead a healthier life in order to prevent kidney disease because they learned about the organization from a loved one or friend. Since The National Kidney Foundation is open to everyone, there is valuable information for people to find out what he or she can do in order to prevent kidney disease from occurring, or prevent their kidneys from failing even further at no cost!
The demographics tells a person in the health care industry which focuses on kidney disease would want to help those who have kidney disease in their family line to be able to have their kidney assessed so that they know if there is anything that would lead to kidney disease. Usually, The National Kidney Foundation has teams that also is made up of volunteers to help reach out to communities at local events such as festivals or even fairs. The people who are in charge of the booth provide a free kidney screening for the community or those who are attending the festival or fair and provide pamphlets to the community to learn about why they need to preserve their fully functioning kidneys before they start failing.
Addressing Challenges
An individual...

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