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Patriot Act Good Or Bad

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On September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners and crashed two into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and the last plane landed in a field outside Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 people died from this atrocious event that left the country in pandemonium. The Bush administration felt feeble and needed to obtain a better grasp on the country. Within weeks of the attack, attorney General, John Ashcroft packaged an old FBI wish list as the USA Patriot Act and demanded Congress pass it without discussion for fear of another “Pearl Harbor-like attack.” The Bush Administration insisted that it needed more “tools” that would better allow it to keep ...view middle of the document...

He also beguiled the citizens of the US by instilling fear stating that the Patriot Act would find and penalize anyone suspicious of any illicit activities. In times when national security was at its highest, many citizens are willing to give up civil liberties in order to have an advanced homeland security. On the other hand, those who are aliens to this country are often targeted based on their race, and sacrifice the most. They are often accused guilty of crimes just with mere association to a “terrorist group.” The only problem is, there are many groups that have no association to any terrorist organization that do have “terrorist-like qualities.” For example the ANC, the African National Congress, the IRA, the Irish Republican Army and the Northern Alliance of Afghanistan could all be considered terrorist organizations for the fact that they have because of their involvement in a civil war or crime of violence. So any alien that is involved directly, indirectly, supports, finances any of these organizations could be deported without given an opportunity to speak out against these allegations.
The Patriot Act violates civil liberties by suppressing the speech of the press. The Bush administration cut off all normal access to government information, clearly violating the first amendment by suppressing freedom of the press. The Patriot Act requires courts to issue warrants based on mere skepticism that the order is in connection, with a terrorism investigation. In other words if a government official was suspicious of a certain group or person, he could investigate their house or headquarters with a simple warrant from the court. Also the government aimed legal right to maintain surveillance without summons, subpoena, or warrant. While under investigation they are ordered to
say nothing to coworkers or family members and if they do they are ordered to tell the Government to be put on file. Our nation has a tendency of suppressing individuals who speak out against the government, in one instance the FBI called a college student for displaying an “un-American poster” in her own home. The poster was of Bush‘s stand on capital punishment while Governor of Texas. In another case Federal agents spent hours searching a woman’s car who was suspected of creating “anti-American” pieces of art. This just proves that the Patriot act is a complete joke, and waste of the Government’s time. Instead of spending it looking for “un-American art” they could be better spending that time on how to enhance our homeland security. Some would argue that the Patriot Act is beneficial for the Government for various reasons. One could be that it caused President Bush to come up with...

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