Patterns And Characteristics Of The Abuser And The Abused

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Patterns and characteristics of the abuser and the abused

February 29 2016
Chiffone N Shelton

Patterns and characteristics of the abuser and the abused

In this essay, I will explain how as a human service professional; I will understand the patterns and characteristics of the abuser and the abused to complete a comprehensive screening. I will explain what the patterns and characteristics I would look for during the screening of family members of a potential abused or neglected child. I will address how the characteristics of the abuser differ from the abused, and what the patterns and characteristics I would look for while screening a potentially abused or neglected ...view middle of the document...


* May have been abused themselves or ob­served others being abused

* May abuse alcohol or other drugs and may use this to justify abusive behavior

* May be protective of dating partner to the point of controlling that person

* May have difficulty expressing feelings

* May have a dual personality (in a rage at one moment and then calm and apologetic the next moment)

* May have certain ideas of how men and women should act (example: men should be strong and not show emotions; women are helpless and passive)

The victim of abuse will also have characterizes that they display as a consequence from the abuse such as according to (characteristics of abusers and victims, 2014).

* May fear their parents or caregivers temper

* May try to avoid conflicts and disagreements at any cost

* May have poor self-esteem and a poor self-image

* May experience physical problems such as headaches, nausea, and other stress-related symptoms

* May spend all free time with the dating partner

* May avoid friends or end relationships to avoid anyone finding out about the abuse

* May have physical injuries such as bruises, black eyes, etc.

* May take the blame for the abuse

What are the patterns and characteristics you would look for during the screening of family members of a potential abused or neglected the child, "Treatment providers may not have comprehensive screening and assessment measures available. Often, counselors simply fail to ask, or the intake organization does not instruct them to ask, about childhood abuse. In some instances disclosure rates have risen dramatically when substance abuse treatment clients were asked directly about their experience of child abuse" (Hirschy & Wilkinson, 2010). When screening families for potential abuse or neglect it is important for the professional to ask the right questions in the right manner a few questions that you can ask are do you feel that your child is ever in unsafe situations or environments, explaining that this could meanwhile they are at school, day cares or with any family members, you should also as if their child's behavior has changed, such as being more aggressive, depressed or socially isolating.
You can also ask of the child has expressed any concerns or abuse. “It is recommended to look at the overall picture from multiple sources, and not make a conclusion from a single piece of information. Initially, interview parent and child...

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