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Patton Fuller Hospital Essay

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patton-fuller community hospital Networking project
Patton-Fuller Infrastructure
Dwayne Walton
Instructor: Dean McIntyre
University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix

The author of this paper will delve into several topics of discussion involving the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital network infrastructure. The purpose of this paper is to identify how data is transmitted internally and externally in Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. The paper will identify and describe the OSI layers directly involved in the hospital network and also provide evidence of each layer identified. Lastly, the paper ...view middle of the document...

However, in the second half of the Hospital’s network structure, the Clinical Areas, a 1000 BaseF Ethernet cable is the standard. A 1000 BaseF, also known as 1000Base-F, is a physical layer baseband specification for Ethernet communications over optical fibers (UOP, 2013). The Ethernet cable runs throughout the hospital, connecting all areas through a Network Bridge located between the network containing the clinical areas and administrative function areas of the hospital. .
The Open Systems Interconnect model was developed by the International Organization for Standardization in 1984. It was initially created to allow for a standard form of communication for computer equipment coming from various companies. It is now the de facto standard that nearly all Computer and Data Networks are designed to; coming up in a close second is the Cisco Systems 3 Layer Model. (Daemon, 2013)
Layers 7 through 4 were designed to allow for end to end communication between a data source and its destination. Layers 3, 2 and 1 actively deal with communication between devices within the Network. Also, the OSI is split into both Upper and Lower Layers. Layers 7 through 5 handle issues dealing with application and is implemented via software. In this case, it is done throuhg the following e-mail applications: Outlook/Exchange, Mac Mail, Surge Mail, hMail Server or Zimbra. These applications run on platforms from UNIX to Windows yet the mail is processes through without depending on the operating system or a particular brand of hardware. Layers 4 through 1 allow for the data to be moved across the Network Cable Plant and Wi-Fi Networks. The Physical Layer and the Data Link Layer are generally implemented through both software and hardware. Each layer down that data travels down the OSI Model it receives a header and then it presented to the layer beneath it until it reaches the Physical Layer and the data packet is moved across the network. Since we are discussing E-mail and how it travels through the Network to both Local and Internet based destination addresses. It must be pointed out the E-mail Servers have a unique feature about them. They only make one Hop for whatever information that they are sending. This means, for example, Cindy the Nurse Practitioner sends Dr. Paul West a patient report and he is in Miami and she is in Tallahassee. The E-mail Server will send the package to the E-mail server correlating to e-mail address for Dr. West. This data is sent through the Physical Layer from end to end. Then data is passed up the OSI 7 Layer Model and the headers are stripped away and the information needed for it corresponding layer and then past up to the next layer up.
Before the author goes any further, the layers of the OSI 7 Layer Model must be enumerated. They are as follows; Layer 7, or the Application Layer is responsible for providing standardized services like file transfer or virtual terminal. Layer 6, or the Presentation Layer, has the task of...

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