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Pay For Excess Classes Essay

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Jeffrey Brooks English 111 02.12.02 Colleges shouldn't require classes that don't portray the degree.I believe that colleges shouldn't require the students to take classes that are not in the degree program, these programs consist of electives and classes that are not of core requirement in the degree. The reason for this is that taking these classes makes the student pay out extra money that could be used elsewhere, extra time is spent where as the student could be spending that time learn more about the degree that they have enrolled in, and that these extra courses that are taken don't really count ...view middle of the document...

The class that you should spend time on are the classes that are more degree related.The second problem is that of time being spent towards these extra classes. With taking these extra credits you spend at least one to two hours in classes and then the rule of you spending two hours of reading and homework per one hour of class time. Where clearly if you did not have to take these extra credits then you could focus on more degree related core.The third problem is the core classes that are required by the university don't count towards your degree in any real fashion. I could see the point if you decided to take on the extra duty if you decided on that of a double major. Also another good point of it is that you might not want to be in that degree and can change over. But to do all of this; take on extra credits and the use of your precious time in order for one degree is wasteful.I believe that the taking on of these extra credits just for one degree are those of the harsh reality that use college students have to face. Facing these realities means that we have to spend extra money, extra time, and have to take classes that don't actually count towards our degree. If we were to abolish these extra credits that don't amount to anything towards our degree than we could spend more time working and studying for our classes that have a direct impact towards our degree

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