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Paying For The Price Of Advance Technology

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Environment Protection
In today’s fast pace and innovative world, we have climbed up to a level that had never been imaginable in the old days. Everyday new technologies are formed to make life better and easier than ever before. For centuries the big competition has been to market and introduce ideas that will help the society as a whole, but in this strive we have forgotten to take care of our nature and our surrounding that we breath in.
Our own environment has been paying the price for centuries now and its deteriorating day by day by the very advancement in our technology and its harmful byproduct . Our ecosystem is wasting away due to heavy pollution, harmful toxic wastes, cutting down of trees and ...view middle of the document...

There are plenty of ways we can help the environment and make the world a better green and environmentally a safe place. First of all the society needed to be educated about the driving force and how it started. For everyone to breath in the reality of this nature, we have to understand the big picture otherwise its going to be taken lightly.
Governments can initiate by encouraging private companies to produce electric or hydrogen car in mass .Not only will this help lower the pollution ,but as a whole people won’t have to pay for heavy gas prices. Making environmentally friendly cars will make the air we breath cleaner and less polluted. Other measures are also needed to be taken such as stopping factories to produce pollution and dumping of toxic waste on land and water. Governments can also stop the mass cutting of trees and place new plants and tree where it already has occurred. These are just a few step our governments can take ,but we can also take action in this fight.
Everyone can contribute to this cause, even at their own homes. We can start by using recycle paper which cost less and has same features as a non recycle product. Using less electricity or switching off the lights at home can also help. Carpooling and biking can also help because it takes away the need to drive our cars which creates pollution. There are thousands of ways we can help if we put in the effort. Small things as such can make a big difference. Its never too late for anything, it might seem like baby steps but it will help eventually and if we go green now the future for our kids and grand kids is going to be safe.


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