Paying It Forward With A Twist

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Paying it forward with a twist by Hector Enrique. 12/31/2013
I have never been a bully. I am 52 and a resident of Chicago. I have had my share of conflicts in my youth, to ensure I never was bullied by my peers and neighborhood idiots. I studied martial arts when I was younger etc. So here I am at age 52 and once in a while I find myself the victim of bullying by the youth of my community. I am not sure what I should do? I am not afraid to digress to the responsiveness of my youth, which always had a tendency to leave collateral damage both physically and mentally for anyone who mistakenly mistook quiet and courtesy for stupidity and weakness. However, before I start down that path ...view middle of the document...

I wanted to say or do something but I just sat and tried to not pay attention. I was not afraid of retaliation I just was not sure what to do. I am not helpless or homeless, employed, top 15% of income earners in the country, well dressed, 250 5 11". At one Starbucks I looked at the manager and he shrugged his shoulders and mouthed the words kids. These locations are not in the inner city of Chicago but the borderline suburbs! I usually ignore these misguided MTV, Jersey Shore, Buck-Wild sports driven weak minded idiots! However, my patience is reaching its limits. Part of me wants to tell the staff of the establishment to take care of this or I will be sending an email to corporate with attached video and photos. Usually I have a good rapport with the employees and don’t want to be that “crazy old guy.” Another part of me wants to walk up to anyone in the group (it’s never the same kids, same age, ok maybe it is, but I never pay attention that closely) and quietly tell him or her, you’re lucky I know your mother or father, and just walk away. (Did that once and it seemed to work)
The fact of the matter is that I am fighting the desire to take a play from my old rules of life and experience and apply what never failed me in the late 70's and served me well through 80's and 90’s. Purchase the hot or cold beverage of the day and pour it over the...

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