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In the world of computers, choosing a system can be somewhat complicated. There are two competitors on the market, Personal Computers (PC) and Mac Computers. Consumers have their own opinion on which is better; many die-hard fans in each camp. Before purchasing one of these systems, there are several options to consider and research to be done. In doing this, you will be able to come to the conclusion that PC’s are far more popular than Mac, yet the Mac system is actually more durable and useful.
The majority of computer users own PC's, both for work and recreational use. Since PC’s are used more frequently, software companies find that it is far more profitable to develop software that is for use on a PC instead of a Mac. Computer technology changes so rapidly, forcing computer users to either purchase a new computer to stay up to date, or to upgrade to better software and hardware. There is such a variety of software written for PC's that is unavailable for Macs. ...view middle of the document...

Alan’s shoes, PC’s become more expensive. Microsoft charges a set dollar amount for so many users, when on the other hand Apple has no extra charge for extra clients. Consumers in the market for a computer, for a specific use, are more often craving quality. People will continuously pay much more for quality, reliability, and a better experience all together.
Your operating system is the software needed for basic operation which is crucial to the operating performance of the machine. One push of a single button and you are connected to the world. It has revolutionized our economy, culture, and lifestyle. It connects you to the world through the internet, where you can check e-mail or read the news. It also allows you to process and store important data and information. When you think of computers, you think of a variety of things such as games, the internet, and e-mail. The computer in our generation serves as a tool to educate and entertain. The technology for computers is growing rapidly, as many companies compete to advance hardware and software. Over the past years, the battle has been between Apple (Macs) and IBM (PC’s). While both Macs and PC’s make their product to suit the needs of the consumer, they are built differently. Therefore, Apples and PC’s have two different strategies when it comes to selling a product. I think the biggest differences are shown in three main categories: design, style, software, performance, reliability, and cost.
Why is MAC simply better than PC?
Buying a Mac is like buying a Mercedes Benz; it has good quality and is unique. Buying a PC can be described as buying a Yugo. If you value your time you should buy a Mac. There are hundreds and thousands of PC's but they are all a waste of time and money. Tell your Windows friends that Windows XP/Vista etc. is a great graphical user interface, and it ought to be: It was
borrowed from the Mac OS! Mention that, even though the Mac seems more expensive than a comparable PC, price comparisons are best made over the useful life of a system. The Mac lasts about twice as long as the PC, with continuing support. Relate that PowerPC processors run faster and more efficiently than even Intel Pentium IV processors of the same clock speed: 2.0 GHz on a Mac is faster than 2.0 GHz on a PC. Setting up hardware and installing software is much easier on a Mac.

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