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“People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all, and I fake them very well,” admits Dexter, the infamous television serial killer. Thoughts and statements similar to this may be seen as morally reprehensible or repugnant, but gasps and frowns on those behaviors don’t rule out significantly plausible benefits.
Psychopathy has long been labeled a personality disorder; a disorder believed to be serious enough of a threat to society to be treated using methods of sedation, incarceration, and climaxing at lobotomization. But could the worry have been that these psychopaths would just become too successful? The following analyzed documents support the hypothesis ...view middle of the document...

Two forms of balancing selection are heterogeneity in fitness optima and frequency dependent selection. The researchers conducted a study to find if the benefits of psychopathic traits outweigh the costs. It seems as though they do, which is why psychopathy still exists. The promiscuous sexual behavior, coercion, superficial charm, fearlessness and deception with lack of empathy all greatly lead to benefits in resource and mate acquisition. Of course if everyone possessed these traits, natural selection would probably select for the most exaggerated forms of these behaviors, just creating more intense psychopaths.
The majority of a psychopath’s traits enable him/her to have an advantage over the normal person in society when obtaining mates and resources. Also, since they feel little remorse and empathy, they can pursue goals using logical reasoning without letting emotions deter them, ultimately resulting in more success. Not only do they increase their reproductive value, they also know how to emulate emotions, making them more desirable to acquire even more resources. This only then raises the question, why aren’t their traits becoming more prominent? This question was answered in their research with the proposition that the more rare a certain allele is, the more its fitness effects increase. With an understanding of why psychopaths are still alive and well, one would now want to appreciate how these traits lead to a more measurable monetary success.
Clive Boddy’s study, “The Dark Side of Management Decisions: Organizational Psychopaths,” covers not only how psychopaths climb the corporate ladder but the...

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