Pd The Patterns Of Success In Product Development A Case Study

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Applied Business Research And Communication Skills
Dr. Peggy Bilbruck
June 21, 2014

Getting a successful result in product development can be considered a typical purpose for any R&D business. The purpose of the paper is to make a good solution the differences of success at R&D project levels. Using the verification from industrial example, the paper shows that the sophistication of the concept of achievement in product development. The paper finalizes that there is often just an indefinite correlation between aspects of R&D success –financial, technical and project management. The main idea of the ...view middle of the document...

Only with research has not been a solution for putting a successful product. Basically, determining and selecting R&D performance measures for a company, there is one should pay attention to the concept of success. What is the form of success that is primarily pursued? Are there any other success dimensions that would be important for us? Having knowledge the type of success would probably be instructive for getting a R&D metrics.
According to R&D management, improving new product success might be difficult. In this study, the model is shown in Figure 1 (The process of R&D) has been adopted as a basic description of the product development process. The work of the task has got some results in key findings.

Figure 1. The Process of R&D. (Source Adapted from Matthews)

As you see, there are three main steps for R&D in Matthews’s model diagram. The first step for R&D is technology development. The second important step is established technological uncertainty and the amount of allocated resources.
According to Matthews, there are some questions that are required by completing the whole R&D process;
1) Is it possible?
2) Is it attractive?
3) Is it practical?
4) Is it desirable?
5) How do we do it?

Every R&D process has some challenges and these challenges are totally different between each other. A product project has to be managed differently than the other project. This property constitutes some difficulties. Matthews (1991) says that the cost of these type of projects are seen like “overheads”,
Matthews’ study provides a valuable categorization of R&D project. There is a traditional definition of R&D by three elements;
1) basic research;
2) applied research; and
3) product development

R&D projects regard to the development, design or applied research category. Basic research is not so handled at company level. However, the applied research or development projects are basically been used by co-operation with a company and a university or research institute in the basic research area.
Defining a detailed research and product development process is a little bit complicated. But, there is a constituted a development process which includes 5 steps;
The first step is to start a concept development with extending research activities from the actual development process. The four steps are;
* system level design;
* detail design;
* testing and refinement;
* production ramp up

The following concept development is relevant with some functions;
* Marketing
* To show market segment
* To specify users and competitive products

* Design
* To develop concept design

* Manufacturing
* To put down manufacturing costs

* Other
* finance, facilitate economic analysis
* legal, investigate patent issues

As you are able to see above functions, concept...

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