Peace And Harmony Essay

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Distinguished chairman, ladies and gentlemen:
It is a great pleasure for me to be invited to attend the Interfaith Summit for Peace and Harmony in Australia and Asia-Pacific Region, and share wisdom and experience with all of you.
One Humanity, Many Faiths, the theme of this summit, is of great significance. Multi-faith is related to the diversity of civilization, which is the basic feature of human beings’ society, and also the key momentum for the advancement of human beings’ civilization. Diversity means difference, which implies that all civilizations should learn from each other. All civilizations, no matter long or short in term of history, can not be divided into the good and the ...view middle of the document...

The rich man did not regard this suggestion as right. Soon later, his house caused fire due to the chimney. Thanks to neighbors’ great help, his house was not destroyed entirely. He treated all friends who ever helped with firefighting to show thanks, but forgot the friend giving him advice. This story indicates the importance of precaution and also sharing wisdom and experience.
As a nation worshiping peace and harmony, Chinese nation has profound cultures, which profits from the contributions of religions including Buddhism, Taoism, etc, whereas nurtures various religions in China. Chinese cultures, which value harmony in particular, are tolerant and compatible. Putting forward the idea of Making Efforts to Build a Harmonious World with Long-term Peace and Common Prosperity, Chinese government is engaged in strengthening dialogues and communication among different civilizations, learning from others' strong points to offset its weakness through competition, developing together with others while seeking common ground and shelving differences, and eliminating doubt and estrangement in order to make human being more peaceful and world more colorful. China’s foreign principles of building good-neighborly relationship and partnership with neighboring counties and diplomatic policies of bringing harmony, security and prosperity to neighbors, both emphasize the good neighborship and pragmatic cooperation with surrounding countries so as to create a regional environment of peace and stability, equality and mutual trust, cooperation and win-win.
In China, the government promotes the harmony between religion and society, the religious believers and unbelievers, and among different religions, while all religions are committed to building harmonious society and facilitating economic and social development, which just embodies the concept of “the five major religions making concerted efforts together” advocated by Chinese religious communities, for they all call for forgiveness and tolerance by the spirit of benevolence, and a pious, upright, and frugal life with the idea of publicizing the good and restraining the evil, purifying mind, observing the doctrine of the mean, and pursuing peace. In April, 2006, in light of the proposal of Chinese Buddhist community, the first World Buddhist Forum convened in Hangzhou city and Zhoushan city, Zhejiang...

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